When I first heard Florence + The Machine after their 2009 release of their debut album Lungs I thought, ‘How could they ever top this?’. Well, 2 years later, with both feet in my mouth and my head up my ass, they release Ceremonials. And it gave me a reason to cry. What is that reason? I didn’t write these words, I didn’t write this music, and I envy the musical genius who did.

Once again the hard-hitting, emotion filled songs of Florence + The Machine have left me absolutely breathless. With the haunting vocals of Florence Welch there is no way you can listen to a track without getting completely wrapped up in the immensity of emotion.

Florence has been quoted to say the album was written around the concept of drowning, something that she is fascinated with. The single “What The Water Gave Me” has been confirmed to have been inspired by English Writer Virginia Woolf, who drowned herself in 1941.

With a theme so intense, you can expect nothing short of mind-blowing passion from Florence + the Machine.

I wasn’t disappointed in the slightest by this album. I would say there is not a single disappointing track, and would recommend this album to any music lover who craves real passion, emotion and intensity in their music library.


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