Four Months And No Signs Of Quitting

It’s been four months since my last day in Ottawa and although I keep falling more and more in love with Peace River, I miss home. So luckily this weekend I finally get to see my mother and step dad. They’re driving all the way from Ontario just to visit little ol’ me for a couple days.

Nancy, my mother, is the strongest person I know. Her mother was killed in a drinking and driving accident when my mom was twenty-six and she spent twenty years in a marriage that only gave her four things to live for, my siblings and myself, and the strength to find a new life. After a few years with the love of her life, my step-dad, tragedy struck again when my big brother Justin was killed. It’s safe to say this tore my family apart and brought us all together at the same time. Most recently, my grandfather got very sick very suddenly and died, right after my arrival to Peace River. My mom, she’s everything I inspire to be.

Kerry, my step dad, my life has been extraordinarily better since my mom started dating Kerry. Growing up, music was always just a thing in the background to everyone in my family except me. Music was my life, I lived it and breathed it, I thrived for it. I would sit for hours and listen to music, dissecting the words, becoming friends with the artists as I learned about them and began to understand their emotions. When my mom started seeing Kerry, I finally had someone to share this with. We’d spend hours upon hours driving around and grilling each other about every song that came on the radio. He was there for me when my own father was less than what a father should be and now when I talk about my step-dad he’s not just a step-dad, he’s a friend.

Being away from home has been remarkably hard, but I know that by being here, working hard and making a life for myself I’m making my family more proud that I ever could have if I had never left.

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