Two Suitcases and One Pair of Socks: A Hobbit’s Tale

June 11, 2012 I hoped on a plane to leave Ottawa on a whole new adventure all my own, with only two suitcases and one pair of socks to my name. The past year has been more than I could have ever dreamed, more than I could ever expected and at times, more than I could ever have handled on my own. Being here has changed me. There have been highs and there have been definite lows.

Just days after flying out my grandpa suddenly fell sick, and a couple weeks later he past away. Not being able to go home for that and be there to support my family was tough. If it weren’t for my grandpa, I don’t think my mom ever would have warmed up to the idea of letting me move half way across the country by myself. I owe what I have now to him, and what I’ll have in the years to come to him, and his help in my move to Peace River.

I haven’t seen my dad or sister in a year, or my mom or step dad since October. Which is rough cause you start to feel disconnected. And then there’s my friends, many of which I don’t really talk to all that often anymore. Makes me wonder what things will be like when I visit home in the summer. I miss my friends back home every day, but I have made many friends here who make it bearable. I still speak to my best friend, Anna, quite often. But I’ve also been lucky enough to find a home in Emily, someone who I can count on when I need to talk, even if I don’t like what she’ll say in return. I hope that once I move away I’ll still find the time to come back to Peace River to visit Emily and Curtis as their family grows. Then there the  friend I was forced into, my loud and obnoxious roommate, Mathew. Then we have our two Clark Kents (who I’m PRETTY sure don’t have actual super powers but you never know) Daniele and Logan. And every day my group of friends is growing, with bee keepers, electricians, welders and corrections officers.

I’ve dated a few people while being here. I have felt things, and seen things I’ve never thought possible. Both good, and bad. I came here with a goal. Work hard, establish a career and it’ll only go up from there. Nothing can ruin that.

Other than that, in the past year I have met extraordinary people and have been blessed with radio life. I’ve attended one Bud Country Fever (and actually enjoyed it). I lived through the 2012 Moth Invasion and am currently in the middle of Round 2 against those things. I was at Peacefest 2012 and am geared up and ready for this years show. I’ve been in a helicopter and I lived to tell the tale. I’ve survived a Northern Alberta winter and I’ve enjoyed every second.

This year has gone by so fast and on the other hand I feel like I’ve been here forever. I guess all I can really say is ‘Thank You’ to everyone who had a positive influence on my experience in the Peace.

I dream of the day that I can get closer to home. But I’ve come this far and my strength will carry me farther. In the pursuit of happiness.

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