I’m going to try really hard not to write too many spoilers for this one but it’s going to be really hard. There was a few things about this movie that were not presented in the trailers, so they were a pleasant surprise.

The Huntsman is a prequel/sequel to the 2012 film Snow White and the Huntsman. The first about 30-40 minutes of the film shows the origin story of the Huntsman, and the story of Ravena and her sister Freya. How Freya became the Ice Queen and how she raised an army. The rest of the film is about what happens after Snow White and the Huntsman defeat Ravena and the Huntsman is sent on a journey to find Ravena’s missing Mirror so that it, and it’s magic, can be destroyed.

After the lose of her daughter, Freya is driven mad with grief and her powers come forth. She leaves Ravena’s kingdom to find one of her own; becoming The Ice Queen and building her army of huntsmen, bringing Eric and Sara into her life. Freya believes that love is weakness, so when Sara and Eric wed and decide to run away together, she tears them apart. Of course, Freya isn’t as hardcore as she pretends to be and there is still love in her heart, love for her deceased daughter and love for the huntsmen she raised. She comes to express her love by protecting her ‘children’ from her evil sister.

SPOILER: In Snow White and the Huntsman we’re told that Eric wife Sara was killed. However, now we learn that Freya had used magic to deceive them both and tear them apart. Sara went 7 years believing Eric had abandoned her, Eric went 7 years believing she was dead. They’re reunited and they’re love prevails. Sara deceives Eric at first, but redeems herself in the end. Sara being alive was kept from the trailer obviously.

For one,  I’m guessing that Eric and Snow White decided they’re relationship didn’t work because I seem to remember them kissing in the first one? Was it not true loves kiss that woke her from the sleeping curse?

However, Kristen Stewart is completely missing from the Huntsman. Which I’m pretty sure is because she caused quite a stir after her affair with Snow White and the Huntsman director, Rupert Sanders, who was also not a part of the sequel. Snow White is only a mention in the Huntsman.

It was from the producers of Alice in Wonderland and Maleficent so the scenery was beautiful of course, and it still had a lot of the same CGI Magic that the first film had. My favourite scene from Snow White was in the forest with the huge buck, it was visually stunning. This film didn’t have quite as much of that same magic, but it still had magic of it’s own, including a lot of real outdoor scenery. At least it looked real!

The casting was great. Of course Charlize Theron was wonderful as Ravena yet again. Chris Hemsworth was amazing as ever. I was slightly concerned about Emily Blunt playing a villain, but as it turns out The Ice Queen has a much softer demeanor than her elder sister Ravena, and Emily Blunt was actually quite perfect. They all looked beautiful and the banter between Eric and the dwarves was hysterical. There was really great chemistry between the actors and actresses.

It wasn’t super action packed but it also wasn’t boring.  It was a little slow, but not really boring. The fight scenes were amazingly choreographed. The writing was comedic and witty and the characters delivered each line perfectly.

True love defeats all, blah blah blah, it’s a fairy tale.

Overall, it was a really great movie. Maybe no a 100% necessary sequel, but sequels fairly are and this one was excellently executed. 4/5

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