I am in no way a comic book nerd and I don’t know much about character backgrounds, origins or storylines. But, I do love Superhero movies.

So of course I was all over it when Marvel released the first in phase three of the Avengers franchise films, Captain America: Civil War.

The action isn’t even my favorite part about the Marvel films, it’s the humor. The characters are pheomnominally written, developed and casted. The action scenes were very good, amazing CGI and the sound production was fantastic. I love a good explosion.

The basic plot line of this film is that the UN is tired of the Avengers destroying cities, so they want them to sign a contract that they don’t go into action unless called to. There is an explosion at the UN in Vienna, and it’s pinned on Bucky. Steve goes looking for his friend, which causes a rift between he and Iron Man. Stark is given 36 hours to find Steve and bring him and Bucky in. Each hero builds they’re own team of Avengers and they go face to face with their friends.

It was hard to watch the Avengers fight each other, it was kind of heart breaking. I just wanted them to hug and make up.

They had a couple new comers to the group, Black Panther (Team Iron Man), Spider-Man (Team Iron Man) and of course, Ant-Man (Team Captain America).

Black Panther is basically just a male version of Cat Woman but I still found him incredibly sexy. Maybe it was his deep voice. Played by Chadwick Boseman, Black Panther is a Nigerian King who joins the squad while he seeks revenge for his father’s death.

Spider-Man was of course written with tons of funny lines. He was also written a lot younger in this movie than he has been in the past. Played by Tom Holland, Parker is enlisted by Iron Man for the fight against Captain America.

Ant-Man, who we’re all familiar with by now, joins Team Captain America. Falcon recruits him after they had an encounter in Ant-Man’s own piece of the franchise.

I watched The Winter Soldier and Ant-Man in preparation for the release of this new Captain America. That’s one thing about this franchise, you really have to see them all. When I watched both of those films I ended up having to Google them and read the story line to make sure I understood. Throwing around names, S.H.I.E.D, Hydra, and other organization names, always really threw me off. They became hard to follow. However, that wasn’t the case with this one.

At this point I still don’t really know if I’m team Iron Man or Team Captain America, but I do know that I love Elizabeth Olsen, the Scarlet Witch is a badass bitch. And this movie gets a 5/5, can’t wait for the next one.

Also, when you go to see a Marvel movie, never forget to wait until the very end of the credits. They always set up the next film.

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