A recent trip to Red Deer meant I got to go a little crazy in the always amazing, LUSH. Some of the products that I bought are stuff I’ve tried before and some are totally new to me. Lush also has this great recycling program, return 5 pots with the recycling logo on them and get 1 free fresh face mask!


I’ll start with Dark Angels, this is a black charcoal and black sugar cleanser for oily skin. I started using this cleanser back in February and it’s really done amazing things for my skin. My skin is soft and smooth, and it’s been great for clarity. Some girls don’t like the smell, it’s kind of like black licorice. But I hate black licorice and I really don’t notice the smell in this cleanser. I’ve also seen some girls complain that it leaves a black residue but that will only happen if you don’t rinse it off completely, and you’re an idiot if you think that’s a flaw in the cleanser and not just you lacking common sense. The charcoal absorbs excess oil while black sugar gently exfoliates, I use it every day and the exfoliation doesn’t irritation my skin at all.  The glycolic acid in black sugar is also great for tightening skin.

Cupcake is a fresh face mask for oily skin. It calms breakouts and redness while moisturizing. This is a mask I tried for the first time in February and it’s amazing, really loved how soft my skin was afterward and it really did help calm redness, plus it smells like chocolate!

Don’t Look At Me is a fresh face mask for deep cleaning and brightening dull skin. It has a grittier texture so it exfoliates as you scrub. It’s super moisturizing as well. I’ve only used it twice and my skin was already looking smooth, brighter and more evenly toned. Plus the zesty lemon scent is refreshing! I’ve been using this the past double days with Tea Tree Water which is a balancing toner for oily skin. It sprays a little unevenly but maybe the one I picked up just has a crappy cap on it. I really like how this makes my skin feel. I’m left soft, smooth and with clearer skin. My skin is looking less red and generally refreshed.


The other two masks I picked up are Ayesha and Catastrophe Cosmetic. These are both fresh face masks that I’ve never tried before. I picked up Ayesha because my mom and sister are coming to visit me and I thought it would be relaxing for us to have a little at home spa day. Ayesha is blended for firming and moisturizing mature skin or just for dull, tired skin. Vitamin C rich kiwi for brightening, asparagus to nourish and absorb excess oil while honey soothes, hydrates and calms redness. Cosmetic Catastrophe stood out to me because of the blueberries. It deep cleans while your skin reaps the benefits of nutrient rich blueberries. And the soothing chamomile is gentle on sensitive skin.  Super excited to try these two masks!

Lush products are handmade and cruelty free.

Tell me about your favourite Lush products below.

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