Okay. So I can’t really say too much about this movie, because I haven’t seen every single one that came before it. Excuse any ignorance caused by that. These are the few opinions I do have.

One thing I never really understood about the X-Men series was all the crazy time jumping. But I really do love a good origin story, and seeing where all the characters came from. This is set in 1983, 10 years after DC when they basically stopped Magneto from killing everyone.

The story line was easy to follow, the effects were great and despite it being over 2 hours long, it was eventful and didn’t feel like it was dragged out. I also caught a lot of really funny and subtle hidden jokes, whether they were all intentional, I don’t know. I would only assume they were being clever .

They did a really great job casting all the characters as their young selves. Sophie Turner (Game of Thornes) plays Jean Grey, she’s a rather lacklustre character until the end when she really lets her powers rip. Evan Peters was back as Quicksilver, Magneto’s ilegitimate love child. I think he’s my favourite X-Men because he’s hysterical. But that’s something Marvel always gets perfect, their comedic relief. Olivia Munn joins the film as Psylocke. She’s been very busy this year, what with also starring as Wonder Woman in Batman V. Superman. I mentioned before about hidden jokes; she plays Wonder Woman and then in X-Men she creates an electric energy whip/lasso. Not sure which came first here, the chicken or the egg. Alexandra Sharp plays young Storm, very cool seeing how she came to be an X-Men. For cast we’re more familiar with; boy, does James McAvoy (Professor X) ever cry a lot…Wolverine made only a brief appearance. Now I’m not sure, story line wise, if 1983 is before Wolverine was introduced to the X-Men but I think I remember that in Days of Future Past Mystique had taken him and that happened in 1973 so…that part in fuzzy on.

The post credits teaser sets up for another Wolverine film.

I give the film a 5/5.

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