The movie has been out for a couple weeks now but I finally got around to seeing it last night! This sequel to the 2010 Alice in Wonderland film apparently tanked in the box office but I don’t know why! I rather enjoyed it.

The whole cast is back, plus Borat star Sacha Baron Cohen as Time. It was the last role for the late and great Alan Rickman, who actually wasn’t featured much. The casting was phenomenal. Each weird and wonderful line of the cleverly written script was presented with perfection. The actors were even given free range to improvise which obviously isn’t a problem with such a creative and hilarious cast. Sacha Baron Cohen was a fantastic choice for Time; I related with him the most…because his wardrobe is entirely black. Johnny Depp was wonderful as the Mad Hatter once again. Only a man as talented as Depp could flawlessly deliver a character as mad as the Hatter in both his dark and light persona. And of course, the visual effects were absolutely stunning. Even in the most dire of moments they managed to sneak in a joke or two. It also had a really interesting story line that obviously ended with Alice learning a lesson.

I give this movie a 5/5, it will be interesting to see if they make it a trilogy!

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