It’s been probably 7 or 8 years since I last watched the original Ghostbusters franchise but it was still in the back of my mind while I watched the remake and caught all of the subtle “hat tips” to the original characters and storyline. Original members of the cast made cameos or had small roles and the visual affects of the ghosts themselves were essentially the same, even bringing some of the exact paranormal characters from the original back including the Puff Marshmallow Man. A part of me actually kind of wishes they had somehow written this as a sequel instead of a remake, maybe one of the girls inherited the love for the paranormal from their “Uncle Ray”. Leslie Jones’ character Patty did have an uncle who ran a funeral home, original cast member Ernie Hudson who played Winston in 1984 cult classic.

The characters of this film were decent, Kate McKinnon was by far my favourite. Holtz just had such a eccentric personality that made me laugh with even the simplest of lines or actions. Melissa McCarthy wasn’t nearly as hilarious as I’m used to her being but of course she played the role well and I adored her nerdy hipster style. Leslie Jones was as over the top and obnoxious as I usually find her, I really liked her character! Her one liners were hysterical. I honestly could have completely done without Kristen Wiig or even Chris Hemsworth. As pretty as he is to look at, his character was useless and only made me laugh once or twice. Casting I would give a 4/5. The jokes themselves were pretty lack lustre and kind of let me down but it had it’s clever moments that tied this film to the originals, I would give the script writing a 3.5/5. The affects were perfection though, no doubt there. The soundtrack was dope, even the instrumentals of the original Ghostbusters theme song just sounded so cool.

Truthfully, we need more female led films with 0 romantic story lines. Girl Power.

Overall, the film wasn’t as good as I was expecting but I would still give it a 4/5.

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