Moonchild and Sweets are two new glow kits from Anastasia Beverly Hills. They are sold exclusively on the ABH website. I ordered both kits and I have some VERY strong views.

So first of all, I had a pretty rotten experience with the website. I placed an order and when I received my order confirmation I realized that my billing address was incorrect, so I emailed the company to see if this could be changed or if the order could be cancelled. I was told that since the billing address didn’t match what the bank had on file for my credit card, the verification process would catch that and the order would be cancelled. So I went ahead and placed another order, I guessed I jumped the gun.

I’m gonna clarify something really quick so you don’t get confused while reading my story:
Order #1: Order with incorrect billing address that I wanted cancelled.
Order #2: Order I placed in preparation for the other to be cancelled.

The ABH credit verification process is obviously not very thorough because a day after I received order #2, I got a shipping confirmation for order #1.  So my credit card was charged twice which I obviously didn’t want, but when I contacted the company they said they would only reimburse me if I sent the package back. I decided against doing that because I would end up paying half of what I paid for the cosmetics just to send them from Canada to Memphis anyway.

But that’s not only the end of it! Both Sweets Glow Kits that I received were also completely smashed. Luckily, they sent me replacements. My less makeup obsessed friend is pretty psyched though because she gets one of the smashed ones.

I received the replacements and they were beautifully wrapped in tons of bubble wrap and in perfect condition, they should consider wrapping all packages this well so then maybe they would need to send out less replacements. I received two boxes, each replacement shipped separately.

But unfortunately, I ended up having to pay duties on these two packages which I was told I wouldn’t need to do. I called ABH Customer service and after being on the phone for over half an hour, I was told I would be reimbursed for the duties I paid if I emailed in the invoices. So I did that, and after a few days of not receiving any sort of confirmation I called in again and was told it would take a few days for them to get to the email because they’re receiving a high volume of emails and phone calls…which I’m guessing is because of smashed palettes and awful customer service.

On the 22nd I was issued a refund for $19.96, I was charged a total of $26.20 for the duties on the two packages. So I’m hoping when they told me $19.96 it was because of the US/CAD thing, I got the sense that they often forgot about the currency difference when I was speaking to them.

Besides all of that, the products themselves are actually quite amazing! The powders are very pigmented and gorgeous colours. The names of the palette’s themselves are totally descriptive of the sort of vibes the colours give off;
Sweets is sort of a sweet summery vibe.


Moonchild is very cool toned, sort of a spacy Ziggy Stardust sort of vibe. Even the way the shimmer is gives these two palettes totally different finishes.



My eye was instantly drawn to the amazing Purple Horseshoe shade in Moonchild. Purple highlighter is just so unique but what I really loved about this colour was that the highlight itself was totally blinding but the purple coloring was actually pretty subtle and only looked purple in certain lighting. I loved this with a light pink lip, so I paired it with Kat Von D’s soft pink lilac, Requiem, which worked out great because they just pulled the purple out from each other. I’m not wearing Requiem in this picture but it’s just to give an idea of the highlight. Purple Horseshoe is a great cheek shade but I stick to the Blue Ice or Pink Heart shades for forehead and along the nose. One colour from this palette that I’m actually not a huge fan of for the cheek is Blue Moon, because I feel like it really more so washes me out and makes me look more pale when it should be brightening my face. I would probably keep this one to the eye area.


When it comes to favourites from the Sweets palette, I don’t have one. Butterscotch and Taffy are really gorgeous for giving a nice sunkissed glow and Sassy Grape is the perfect blush tone. Love Marshmallow for my brow line and inner corner of my eye. For this first look I’ve used Marshmallow on my eyes and Butterscotch on my cheeks and nose.


For these looks I have Sassy Grape on my cheeks. These palettes have really gotten me into the pink/purple highlight shades!

As much as it pains me to say it, I love the products but I’m disappointed with the ABH customer service, receiving smashed products and not happy paying $18 shipping + $16 for the customs/duties. Their credit card verification process obviously isn’t very thorough…I will likely not order from their website again. Now, I’m not saying that I will never buy ABH products again; because I will, they’re great. But I’m going to stick to purchasing from Sephora.

Update: As of July 27 I still haven’t received my promised reimbursement from ABH Cosmetics. I received a phone call from a customer service manager after a bad review. I told her my whole story and sent her all my invoices, she’s currently working to resolve the issue.
Aug 2 and I can finally say I’ve received refunds for all duties paid. Only took like 3 weeks.
Still not satisfied with the customer service and the fact that I was sent a package that had incorrect billing information.


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