Veronica Lambert (soon to be Paul) is a registered massage therapist in the Peace Country. But recently she’s been working towards something completely different, and taking a more holistic approach to healing. Cranial Sacral Therapy sounded like total hippy shit when Veronica first explained how she would essentially be sending “healing energy to my body”. I thought, if she uses the words ‘chakra’ or ‘aura’ I’m out the door.  By using specific, therapeutic holds she would send ‘messages’ to my nerves and muscles. Just kind of a “Hey guys, there’s stuff going on in this part of the body, you should fix it!”

She started by simply holding my ankles for a minute, which made me go WTF? She then moved to my head; just resting her hands beneath it, cradling it in her palms. Sounds like crap right? Well after about 15 minutes of her simply holding my head, I began to feel a stretching sensation in the left side of my neck. Like she had began to just slightly pull my head toward her, but she hadn’t moved her hands from their resting position. It was bizarre. This feeling was following by the sensation that I needed to crack my neck, which I feel multiple times a day. Then a throbbing in the right side of my neck, which she explained was likely that side of my neck wanting to release tension but just not allowing itself to. Maybe it’s a placebo effect, maybe it’s black magic. But I definitely felt things happening. After the session my neck felt loose, like I had just had a really great stretch. I rubbed it and didn’t feel any of the usual knots which was a huge relief. But within a few hours I began to tense up again as back and shoulder pains traveled up my neck.

When I asked her about how the treatments had affect other clients, she specifically mentioned a client who has always experienced issues with her jaw locking. During this clients session she felt stretching in her jaw and afterward she went days without any problems at all before these jaw issues returned.

She said that this is an ideal therapy to heal the body of people who have experienced extreme trauma, whether physical or emotional. Because it encourages the body to relieve all tension, based on the belief that your body and mind are interconnected.

The next day I was feeling pretty normal. The usual back pains and neck cracking. By the next evening my neck was absolutely killing me again. But as someone who has a lot of back issues and also suffers from anxiety and depression,  this is still a form of therapy that I’m incredibly curious about and would be interested to see how it would affect my body/mind with continued treatment.

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