Suicide Squad was receiving pretty harsh and terrible reviews running up to it’s August 5th release. I don’t consider myself a professional movie critic in the slightest and I am not an avid follower of comic books so I’m going to keep my thoughts pretty short.

It took them a while to get to the good stuff, they probably could have spent less time introducing each character. The cast was sort of hit or miss. Will Smith absolutely nails everything he does and was probably the least flawed in the cast; which actually isn’t surprising considering a lot of the other cast members weren’t as established of actors as the Fresh Prince. Cara Delevinge really didn’t do it for me as Enchantress. Margot Robbie was funny as Harley Quinn, but she probably could have worn pants; her butt isn’t that special. My heart did momentarily break for her though. Jared Leto was obviously amazing as The Joker, so all his method acting was definitely worth it. The Joker as a character was far more gangster than I have ever seen him before and I would love to see him in future DC movies. I feel like maybe not all the characters had enough lines to have any real character development. I also didn’t really feel like any of the characters developed any strong bonds or connections with each other but all of a sudden at the end they were family and sacrificing it all for each other.

The script was kind of lack lustre but had some pretty good one liners. The effects were very well done. There was the odd thing that I found kind of stupid so I had to keep reminding myself that it was based on a comic book and comic books tend to be a little ridiculous. The soundtrack was pretty good, but there was a couple times where the song choice didn’t add as much as to the moment as it should have. The ending could have been more and there definitely could have been bigger explosions.

Was it the Blockbuster I was expecting? No. Do I think it will win an Oscar for Best Picture? No. But all in all I would still give this movie a 7 or 8 out of 10, and I still feel like it was better than Batman V Superman.


    1. Definitely still worth seeing. It seems that its all the real big comic book nerds who weren’t impressed. I found it to be pretty funny.

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