Rocky, Alex and Money make a living off of breaking into homes secured by Alex’s father’s security company. But when Rocky is desperate to leave Detroit, they need a big hit. Money gets a tip about a veteran who received a huge settlement after his daughter was killed in a car accident. After staking out the house and discovering the man is blind, they think it will be an easy job; they’re proven wrong.


I went into this movie thinking that it could go either way; it could be absolutely horrible, or it could be the twisted masterpiece I’ve been waiting for after years of nothing but cheesy scripts and horror movie remakes. But it was better than I could ever have expected. The camera techniques  and direction were incredibly unique. My favourite scene was when the Blind Man discovered there was people in his home and he shuts off the power, forcing them to find their way in the dark while he has the advantage despite his disability because of his familiarity with their surroundings. I also found that the sound effects were really cool; they emphasized every person’s breathing patterns and every little sound really stood out. The cast was mostly C list actors which is pretty normal for horror films. There was only 8 people (3 of which were barely featured) in the entire movie, which included Evil Dead (2013) actress Jane Levy, Avatar’s Stephen Lang and Scandal’s Dylan Minnette. There was one totally unexpected twist that was both gross and kind of unnecessary and for the first little bit after they broke into the house I was wondering “what the fuck happened to the rabid dog this dude had a few minutes ago”. But just when you think it’s over, it ain’t over. Even the ending wasn’t a huge disappointment.  Overall, I would say this movie is definitely worth the watch!

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