On September 6, Tarte released a limited edition brush set with makeup artist and vlogger Nicol Concillio. The set includes 6 brushes; Beauty in the Buff Airbuki foundation brush, Face Framer powder brush, Fan Girl fan brush, Smooth Moves eye shadow blending brush, Shade Thrower contouring eye shadow brush and Smudged Up shadow smudging brush. All brushes feature a gorgeous gold shaft and are vegan friendly and cruelty free.


This brush set sells for $51 CAD and I got super lucky because right before they launched I was sent a coupon code from Tarte for $50 off because of my Tarte Tokens. So I got this brush set for $1 and that is seriously amazing!

My first impression of these brushes were that they were very cute and insanely soft! They felt like little bunny tails but they’re totally vegan. I washed them as soon as I got them home the afternoon they arrived because my coworker kept touching them. The Airbuki and powder brush were still wet the next morning, the Airbuki brush actually wasn’t even completely dry the next evening either. So that’s something you may want to keep in mind for washing if you buy these brushes yourself.

The Airbuki brush works really well to buff on liquid foundation and I really love it for applying powder foundations. The product sits on top of the bristols instead of getting sucked in so nothing goes to waste. It’s dense but feels so soft for buffing around on the face. I think I would still prefer a beauty blender for liquid foundation and concealer though because the pointed end is better for getting around the eye and I don’t like the way liquid foundation makes bristols stick together. Definitely great for powders though! The Face Framer powder brush feels like a dream; it’s so soft and fluffy. It allows for perfect blush and setting powder application and will give a subtle, buffed out contour. It has such long, soft and fluffy bristols that it bends perfectly to the curves of your face and I love it. I really wish I could just buy this brush on it’s own so I could avoid cross contaminating cause nothing sucks more than wanting to go back in with a little pressed powder and winding up with blush on your chin. I have never used a fan brush before but I am now obsessed with using this fan brush for highlighter; the powder highlighter sits so lightly on the brush and I get amazingly even distribution onto my skin without any overkill or harsh lines. The blending eye shadow brush was amazing, it felt so light and soft on the face, didn’t hold onto any product and bends amazingly to the curves of your eye. The smudging brush had the perfect shape and density for smudging shadow along my lash line, I really loved it. And the Shade Thrower contouring shadow brush was awesome too; I loved the angled edge for defining my crease and outer corner and the flat sides are perfect for patting shadow onto the lid. This brush is also great for contouring your nose.

I would definitely say that these brushes are worth the money. Even if you paid full price you’re only paying $8.50 per brush which is a great deal. I love my Nicol Concilio brushes!

On this order I also grabbed a set of the new Tarteist Pro lashes in Goddess (which is the volumizing set) and the Tarteist Pro Lash Adhesive. These lashes are totally cruelty free and vegan friendly. The lashes are $16 a set and the lash glue is $12. I have never used false lashes in my life so this was a totally new experience for me. My first impression was that the lash glue came in a much smaller tube than I was expecting but it’s not like you need a ton of glue for application. I really like that the glue comes with a little dip brush. I’ve seen girls just squeeze lash glue onto their hands and then apply it to the lashes with a stick and that was something I didn’t want to do. I also love that it’s black so there’s no risk of visible glue on my liner. I initially felt that the lashes were the perfect size to fit my eyes so I didn’t have to trim them at all which is great because I was terrified to trim them too much and ruin them.


I wouldn’t say that I nailed it the first time I tried applying these. In fact that entire process kind of made me want to cry. They felt incredibly strange but I guess that’s just something you get used to.  They felt heavy and I just kept wanting to close my eyes for the first like 3 hours. The glue holds incredibly well. I was worried when it came time to take these lashes off that it would hurt but it didn’t hurt at all and was much easier than I was expecting. My second attempt at wearing them went a little better but also made me realize they did need to be trimmed a bit, so I just trimmed the lash on the end that goes into the inner corner of my eye. But cutting down the one lash was a lot easier than having to cut a piece off right at the lash line. They actually look really natural which I love. They’re very feathery and blend well with my natural lashes.

I could definitely see myself buying more of these lashes, but I could also see myself spending the money on eye lash extensions so I can avoid the process of applying false ones. Aesthetically I do love these lashes though. I will maybe buy some lash applicators and see if that makes it easier for me.

For this entire order I paid $30.45 and I didn’t pay shipping because before the $50 off my order was over the $75 free shipping limit. I ordered on the 6th, my package was shipped on the 8th and I received the package via Canada Post on the 19th.  The Tarte website is super user friendly. I haven’t paid duties on any of my orders and they are easily tracked. Sign up for the Tarte newsletters and receive 15% off your first order.




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