Ouija: Origin of Evil is a prequel to the 2014 Ouija film, so if you haven’t seen Ouija – no big deal.

The film is about a widowed mother of two girls who makes a living by performing staged seances with the help of her daughters. When they introduce a Ouija board into their routine, they open the door for evil that has been lurking in their home.

When I first heard about this movie my initial thought was that it was probably going to be stupid, but after watching the trailer I was really intrigued.

The cast ‘had good bones’ and was small, which is normal for a horror movie. You may recognize Elizabeth Reaser as Ava from Grey’s Anatomy.  Lulu Wilson was fantastic as young Doris Zander. A cute little girl being possessed? Classic. I thought that the story line was really well thought out and wasn’t just random mumbo jumbo that they were reaching to try and make sense out of. The “being” that takes over poor Doris was just this strange black figure almost like an Avatar which is something I’m still on the fence about. It was never referred to as a “demon” so I can understand that it doesn’t take it’s own shape, I also found the weird black alien looking thing a lot easier to look at than any demon I’ve ever seen in a movie. I didn’t notice anything special or unique about direction/camera techniques or special effects. The movie as a whole had serious creep factor and left me with the heebie jeebies but it wasn’t over the top “trying to scare you”. A lot of paranormal movies these days just get you with stuff jumping out at you and then after the initial shock you’re like…’Well that was stupid’. Ouija: Origin of Evil doesn’t pull that stuff, I was impressed.

Overall, 4/5 for this horror flick.

I would appreciate it if someone could throw a really good slasher movie into the sea of paranormal films everyone is doing right now.

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