My mom recently decided to sign herself up for FabFitFun, she received the Fall box and then decided I might benefit more from the subscription so she switched it to my address! The Winter 2016 box is the first one I’ve received and I’m really excited about it!

So this box costs around $65 CAD and is apparently valued at around $330 CAD.
(boxes are $49.99 USD and this box is valued at $252.95)
It came beautifully packaged.


It also came with this little magazine that has info about the products, a couple short articles and drink recipes for the holiday season.


So let’s jump into the products!
First up we have this beautiful D.L. & Co Candle. You received one of two candles, the Bergamot Woods candle in a silver glass or Blackberry Nectar in a gold one. I got the Bergamot Woods and it smells so great; it’s a very fresh wintery smell and the component it comes in is so gorgeous and classy looking. Value: $45 USD


Next there is a Gorjana Necklace. You either received a gold lariat style necklace or a silver layered double pendant. I got the silver one; it’s very dainty and came in this really cute packaging. I like dainty, simple jewelry so I think this necklace is really cute but it’s an awkward length as it hangs right in my cleavage. It should be shorter or longer. It also included $20 off a purchase from Gorjana which I threw in with a gift for a friend. Value: $75 USD



Next is these super cute thank you cards from Marie Mae. They’re navy polka dotted with gold detail. There are envelopes included. These are so pretty and actually probably going to be handy to have around. Value: $24 USD


They also included a Moleskine 2017 Weekly Planner. Each box included one in either purple or green. I got it in green which is perfect because I decided to gift it and the person I was giving it too loves green. Value: $20.95 USD


Next is the Butter London Iconoclast Mega Volume Lacquer Mascara. First impression was that I really liked the brush on this mascara but after using it I didn’t like the brush very much. I got good volume, curl and rich black colour but zero length. Overall, I didn’t like this mascara. Value: $20 USD


Next is the O.R.G Skincare Mineral Peel Face. This is like a spray that you apply and then rinse off to achieve softer, smoother skin. It’s an all natural enzyme exfoliant. I was kind of skeptical about this since it’s a spray on but it didn’t drip or anything. I wasn’t blown away by it either though. Value: $44 USD


There’s the Anderson Lilley Beach Butter Body Cream. Each box had one in either Sicilian Tangerine or Winter in Manhattan Beach. I got the Sicilian Tangerine and it smells absolutely incredible. I loved it instantly. Value: $24 USD


Lastly; I read somewhere that each box contains some sort of charity product. This box includes a little gold star pin which is really cute. It’s for the Starlight Children’s Foundation; for every dollar they raise the Starlight Children’s Foundation devotes 85 cents to programs that brighten the lives of seriously ill children.



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