Blood Wars is the latest installment in the Underworld franchise. Underworld, in my opinion, is the best vampire series. Essentially the movie is about the Lycons wanting to find Eve to use her born-hybrid blood to gain strength and power. While the vampires want to build their army to fight the Lycon. They bring the recently outcasted Selene back to the Eastern Coven to help them fight only to betray her. She is a hero and saves their coven in the end – because she’s a badass boss bitch. Awakening was kind of ‘meh’ but Blood Wars redeemed them. The cast was pretty great, and the costumes are amazing as always. I would kill for one of those vampire’s wardrobes. The effects were incredibly well done, the weaponry was cool as ever and the fight scenes were really well choreographed. Within the first five minutes there was the violence and gore I love about this franchise. Blood Wars was modern and technologically advanced as Underworld movies usually are, and it’s sexy as hell. There isn’t a lot of character development but it’s never really been their goal to get you invested in the characters. The Nordic Coven that was introduced in this movie was really cool and essentially the polar opposite of the covens we’ve already been introduced to. They were blonde and whimsical like elves from Lord of the Rings. The direction was great, the story line and script were well written and well developed. The movie also ended leaving us to believe there would be another film – so there’s that to look forward to. Overall, this movie was great and I can’t wait to see where they go next.

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