While I was drinking with a girlfriend one night Wine Drunk Kelsey decided to order a gift for Sober Kelsey and what Drunk Kelsey chose was some Amazonian Clay 12hr Highlighter from Tarte in the shade Exposed. This is a gorgeous nude highlighter, it’s very neutral/generic which makes it great for every skin tone. It’s $35 from Sephora.


This highlighter is formulated with Amazonian Clay so it’s a super soft, creamy powder. It’s very pigmented, blendable and leaves a stunning, long wearing glow. This highlighter also smells like vanilla which is something I really love about so many of the Tarte powdered products, they don’t have a chemical smell like so much makeup does. Amazonian Clay also has all these amazing benefits for your skin like it’s balancing for oily skin, it hydrates, it improves skins overall tone and texture.

I swatched it next to Butterscotch from Anastasia Beverly Hills to show how they are kind of in the same shade range. Butterscotch doesn’t have the super smooth, creamy texture that Exposed has and Butterscotch also has a slightly chunkier glitter although you can’t really see that when they are on the skin.


Overall, I really think that this was a great purchase and will definitely buy this gorgeous highlighter again.


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