A Saje Haul : March, 2017

So I recently made purchased my first ever essential oils from Saje and you can read all about it here but I was enjoying them so much that I went ahead and bought a bunch more!


So I picked up the AromaGem 2.0 Diffuser and I originally wanted this in black but I got it in chrome because I thought it would look really cool in my house cause our walls are very bright and I do a lot of black and white accents. I’m really happy with the way it looks! This diffuser was $75. It comes in chrome, gold and black. It’s heat free and runs very quietly. It shuts off automatically and can be used for 4hrs steady or in intervals for 9.5hrs. The water tank is 115ml and it fills a room that’s about 200-300 square feet. Right now I have it in my living room but I think I might move it to our bedroom and put my other diffuser in the living room since it covers a bigger space.

I really enjoyed the Pain Release bath salts so I got some more of those but I forgot to include it in the photos, I also picked up the pain release Roll On Remedy for targeted pain relief. The Pain Release blend contains marjoram, roman chamomile, and rosemary to calm and relieve aches and pains, arthritis as well as sprains and strains. I really love the way it smells, it’s very calming, and it’s great to relieve tension in my back and neck.

I picked up the Immune diffuser blend and I haven’t had the chance to use it but it’s antibacterial for use when you’re sick so I’m really excited about that. It contains eucalyptus, cinnamon and tea tree to soothe coughs and relieve you of congestion. I also experience pretty bad seasonal allergies so I picked up Allergy Release to relieve my spring allergies when the time comes.

Update: Immune makes my whole house smell like Vicks and I weirdly love it. It makes it so much easier to breath and I feel so comforted knowing it’s killing all of that airborne bacteria.

I got Stress Release for the diffuser which is pretty self explanatory. It contains lavender, roman chamomile and orange to relax you and promote happiness.

The last diffuser blend I picked up is House Warming which contains orange, vanilla and cedarwood and was developed to encourage relaxation and a welcoming feeling to put you at ease.

This is another purchase from Saje that I am really enjoying and I have to mention that Saje has the most incredible customer service that I have ever experienced. They are so friendly in store and on the phone and they promptly respond to emails. They also truly use and believe in the products so they give great recommendations and are so happy to answer your questions. I am a lover of the Saje brand!


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