I am a big fan of the X-Men movies but I never read the comics so my opinions may be totally invalid to people who DID read the comics and are die hard fans.

Logan is the latest X-Men installment; it rounds out the Wolverine movies to a trilogy and is the last time Hugh Jackman will play the roll. Patrick Stewart Has also stated that he won’t be playing the role of Professor X anymore.

The movie is a lot more basic than the X-Men movies usually are because obviously Wolverine’s mutation doesn’t require as many effects. Logan is set in 2029. I kind of liked the general post-apocalyptic feel it had because it kind of was post-apocalyptic; mutants are essentially extinct at this point. As soon as they show you Professor X is not in good health, I knew this was going to be an emotionally difficult movie to watch and I was proven right but maybe that’s just me because I get far too emotionally attached to characters. It was very violent, lots of blood, which makes up for the lack of special effects. Violence is definitely a “side effect” of Wolverine’s mutation. Laura, the new little baby Wolverine, is one badass little girl and the character was so well played. Working with child actors must be so difficult but it was super well done. It was maybe a little longer than it needed to be but overall it gave decent closure for the end of Wolverine. I am excited for future X-Men movies and I’m really interested to see where they go without Hugh Jackman and Patrick Stewart.

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