Tarte is a brand that is pretty well known for keeping their packaging and colour selection pretty basic and neutral, nothing to loud, so last year when they teased us with a photo of a unicorn brush set it was super surprising. Well they released not just the brush set but a whole “Make Believe In Yourself” collection based around magic, myths, unicorns, fairy tales whatever you want to call it. It’s all fun colours, bright, iridescent finishes, tons of sparkle and overall FUN! I picked up the Magic Wands Brush Set, Make Believe In Yourself Eye and Cheek Palette, Quick Try Lip Paint in the mint shade Fairy Tale and the clay pot liner in the new limited edition colours Margarita (lime green), Blue Moon (peacock blue) and Bubblegum (hot pink). I wear mostly black clothes and wearing bright colours on my eyes is a little out of my comfort zone but I do it sometimes for fun and sometimes it’s weird, sometimes I love it. I do LOVE bright coloured lipstick and I think that it’s fun to put on just a little pop of colour on your eyes with liner or mascara.

The Clay Pot Liners are great for adding a little pop of colour along the waterline. They’re waterproof and last all day, seriously don’t budge. I get terrible seasonal allergies in the springs, my eyes water all day and these still stay on. I picked these up before in the shades Fairy Wings and Unicorn Kisses. Fairy Wings and Unicorn Kisses were super creamy and I am not a pro with a liner brush for doing winged looks or anything (the creaminess makes it even more difficult for me) so I just pop them on my waterline and I love it. These new colours are so great for summer! They are a little less creamy than the previous ones I had bought. I am obsessed with the colours, the Bubblegum shade has a bit of an iridescent finish.


I wasn’t originally going to buy the mint lipstick because Kat Von D as so many new colours coming out, including a bright blue, but I decided to get it anyway. It applies super smooth and dries quickly. It is very long wearing, much better than the Creamy Matte Lip Paints. This will be so great for summer parties and concerts. I really like the Quick Dry Lip Paint brush, it’s curved to fit around your lip. This colour does require a couple layers to get the full effect of the colour with an opaque finish. I did two layers and then tried to do a third but it started to flake almost instantly so two layers max (haha). I would definitely recommend exfoliating your lips before applying; if you don’t, this will stick to any dry spots and make it look worse. Because it requires two layers it does feel a little more dry on the lips than some other shades. I really like the colour but overall, I think I could have done without it.


In this photo with the Fairytale Lip Paint, I used the matte shade “Myth” from the eye shadow palette in my crease. It’s not a creamy powder like some other Tarte eye shadows but it’s also not chalky, it’s a nice silky powder.

The thing I like most about the Make Believe In Yourself Eye and Cheek Palette is that while it is colorful and fun, the colours are also more muted and mystical rather than electric. They have a gorgeous iridescent finish plus the one matte fawn brown which is great for blending in the crease. The packaging is also so cute and it’s pretty much the size I was expecting it to be. If you have ever seen the Rainforest of the Sea eye shadow palettes, it’s bigger than that. It also smells like vanilla which you know I looooove about Tarte products. It’s obviously not the best ever travel palette because it’s a fun and colorful palette rather than colours you would use day to day but that’s not to say it isn’t versatile. The highlighter also has a really pretty iridescent finish which makes it unique compared to the other Tarte highlighters that are more shimmery. It’s not super blinding but it is buildable which is a really great for days when you just want a subtle glow. It’s a super similar finish to the ABH Moonchild shades but white. It reminds me of a pixie dust so they missed a prime opportunity for a good name there. I mentioned that Myth was a very silky powder; I expected the shimmery ones to be more creamy but they were the same soft, silky formula. Super pigmented! Make sure you’re following me on Instagram to see some looks I do with this palette!


There was no way I wasn’t going to get this amazing unicorn brush set. Tarte brushes are so soft and they really are like magic wands. My makeup always applies amazing well and looks noticeably better when I use Tarte brushes. The set has a powder brush, a shadow brush, a blending shadow brush, a contour brush and what I’m pretty sure is meant to be a foundation brush. The shadow brushes are very light while the face brushes have a little more weight to them, and the handles are pretty long so overall they feel really great in your hand. The bristols are super soft and the perfect density for each brushes intended use. The powder brush is pretty much the same as the powder brush from the Nicol Concilio collection and I really love that brush so this is great. I actually am not a huge fan of the finish I get from the foundation brush with my liquid foundation but I do like it for applying powder under my eyes.

The best thing about all of these products is that they are vegan and cruelty free.

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