Brand Feature | Mont Bleu Glass Nail Files

Mont Bleu is a company from the Czech Republic that recently reached out to me about sending me some of their glass nail files. They said I could choose what they sent but I decided to just let them choose what to send. They also have really cute manicure sets and tweezers. They sent me a set of 3 blue files and one black file that is encrusted with real Swarovski crystals. My crystal file is the Swarovski Crystal Nail File BB-M1-12 in blue. I believe my other files are the set of 3 Rainbow Crystal Nail Files R-BMS4 in Cobalt just judging by what I see on their website.

These nail files are really cute, gentle and comfortable to use. Would I say they’re more effective than a traditional emery board nail file? Not necessarily; it was kind of hard to get used to the glass as opposed to the soft material of an emery board. They definitely feel more luxurious than a traditional nail file and they’re easier to clean and sanitize. They are made of very tough tempered glass so they won’t break if you drop them. I would say they far are sturdier and don’t wear down as quickly as an emery board nail file might. The bigger file can also be used to buff away dead skin from your feet.

I definitely think these would be great nail files for professionals in salons because of how glamorous they are and because they’re easy to keep clean.

They arrived a lot quicker than I was expecting from Prague and I wasn’t charged any duties or anything on the package.

If you use the code BLOG you will receive 20% off your order.

I’ll link all of their websites and social media below. Their website does state that they offer a money back guarantee.

E-Shop Amazon Store Wholesale Website

YouTube Facebook Twitter Instagram


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