Movie Review | Spiderman: Homecoming

I’m not sure why I still do movie reviews but here are my thoughts on Spiderman: Homecoming.

It was awesome. I don’t know anything about the Marvel comics, I don’t know if Spiderman and The Avengers were even part of the same series but tying this Spiderman into the Avengers was a genius idea. I loved having the Avengers characters featured and have Peter look up so much to Iron Man, he wanted to earn his approval so much. I also actually really love that they made him so young because then Peter Parker is really this just young, nerdy kid who has so much to prove. I LIKED that he wasn’t just your friendly neighbourhood Spiderman, but that ultimately in the end he knew that he wasn’t ready to take on the responsibility of being an Avenger. I liked that they gave him his little nerdy sidekick too and I loved the high tech suit because it added so much comic relief.  I am a huge fan of the Marvel movies because they add in the extra comical aspect to the films and this one was probably one of the funniest ones; so many hilarious one liners and just the smallest details making this movie even more funny. It also had a really great twist about the bad guy. I also really liked the way MJ was introduced to build up to her future with Peter Parker. I liked the time line for the film, how they formatted it to be 8 years ago Avengers 2 and just after Captain America: Civil War. I do think that it would be nice to have gotten a bit of a origin story but I wouldn’t want that to take up so much of the film as the Toby McGuire films did. It was almost 2 1/2 long; it didn’t really feel long because it was pretty eventful, but then near the end it started to feel like “okay you can be over now” which may have been because it was late, I was tired and I had to pee.  The only thing I wasn’t loving was that they called it “Homecoming” just because he goes to the homecoming dance, definitely think there’s a better name for it. Overall, I think this is by far the best Spiderman and I can’t wait for more!


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