Tarte Haul | Sister’s Wedding Edition

Tarte had one of their friends and family sales in July, offering 25% off almost everything on their website. I placed multiple orders in the week that they offered this sale. My first order was an order I placed with a 15% discount code I was sent because I needed a darker foundation shade for the summer. I then placed an order during the 25% off sale to stock up on products for my sister’s wedding and placed a final order a couple days later when I received a code for $50 off because of my Tarte Tokens!

Here’s just a list of everything I got and then I’ll share details below!

Amazonian Clay 12 Hr Full Coverage Foundation | Fairly Light Beige
Travel Size Deep Dive Cleansing Gel & Full Sized Deep Dive Cleansing Gel
Sex Kitten Liquid Liner
Amazonian Clay Waterproof 12 hr Concealer | Fair & Fair-Light
Confidence Creamy Powder Foundation | Fair Neutral
Rainforest Of The Sea Marine Boost Setting Mist
Rainforest Of The Sea Water Foundation | Porcelain & Fair Beige
Limited Edition Rainforest Of The Sea Eye Shadow Palette Volume III

I’ll start with the complexion products. The Amazonian Clay 12hr Full Coverage Foundation is the foundation I’ve been using for the past year or so but for the summer I had to go up a shade. I’m usually Fair Beige but I got the Fairly Light Beige for fair to light skin with pink undertones, but it still wasn’t dark enough to match my summer tan! I love this foundation because you get amazing coverage with a super smooth application and you only need a little bit of product. It feels great on my skin and wears all day. The Amazonian Clay councealer is also something I’ve used before. This concDSC_0015ealer is super smooth and has great coverage. I went up a shade for myself and got it in Fair for my sister. I use the Confidence Creamy Powder Foundation has a setting powder because I can add just an extra bit of light coverage and it keeps my creams in place. The new product for me is the Rainforest of the Sea Water Foundation. This has a drop applicator which I like because you can do as little or as much as you want. I picked this up in my regular shade for myself and in Porcelain for my sister, she does prefer a lighter coverage so I thought this would be a great foundation for her to try. I don’t know if I feel like this is really compatible with my oily skin because the two times I wore it I did feel like I got oily faster than I do with the Amazonian Clay foundation.

The Sex Kitten liquid liner is a new product to me. I really like the packaging. The brush is gives great precision. It’s a very heavy application,by that I mean that a lot of product dispenses so I have to be careful when I want to create a thinner line. Online it says it’s a waterproof product but it doesn’t say that anywhere on the packaging which I think is a huge design flaw.

I also picked up a couple skincare products. I got both a travel size and a regular size of the Deep Dive Cleansing Gel because I ordered the travel size first not knowing that in just a couple days they would have a 25% off sale. I love this cleanser, it’s a nice foaming gel formula that’s so gentle I can even DSC_0021use it on my eyes without any irritation and it removes absolutely everything. It makes my skin feel so soft and keeps my complexion looking bright. I also got the 4 in 1 Marine Boosting Setting Mist which can be used to prime skin, set makeup, hydrates and refreshes. I really like this mist because I can just spray it on throughout the day to refresh my face without disturbing my makeup and I know that it’s going to give me a little hydration. It smells like oranges which is awesome.

The last product is the new Rainforest of the Sea highlighting eye shadow palette Volume III. This palette is a lot brighter than Volume II which I have written about before. It’s all highlighting shades with the exception of one matte taupe colour that’s a great crease colour; some warm and some more cool toned but all pretty bright shades. I really like this formula, it’s very rich and smooth, not a lot of fall out. Some of the lighter shades definitely benefit from a wet brush; I like to use the Marine Boosting mist for this.  I’ve posted a side by side of the Volume II and Volume III. I would like to get the Volume I but I haven’t bothered yet because it’s more pinky.

Tarte is a cruelty free and vegan friendly company which I really like. They are great quality products, I’m never really disappointed. Their brand is very much about keeping things natural, so a lot of their packaging isn’t really my ‘style’; my eye is drawn to products in more edgy packaging, I like black and white packaging, but I do love the Tarte products. If Tarte ever wanted to create an edgier line I would be all over it. They did a unicorn line, so maybe a witchy one could come one day too!


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