Party Planning | My Sister’s Bridal Shower/Bachelorette

This September I had the pleasure of being the Maid Of Honor at my older sister’s wedding. I did the best I could to contribute to planning, giving ideas and helping to ensure she didn’t forget anything; from across the country. I also did my best to plan her a bridal shower and a bachelorette party. I planned the bridal shower with the help of my mom. Essentially I gave my mom a list and she sent me pictures while shopping to ensure that what she picked out matched my image, and she gave me her PayPal log in to order invitations + some of the prizes and favors (haha).

I didn’t really pick a “theme”; our theme was “Kari”. I did keep our theme rustic-ish and colours to shades of purple, white, silver and gold to match my sister’s wedding colours, other than that I just got picked out items that I knew Kari would like!

To start, I went to Vistaprint and ordered a cute mason jar invitation to match my sister’s rustic farm wedding.

My sister loves Harry Potter so I had my mom order a cake that makes reference to Harry Potter’s most famous declaration of love.


For favors I ordered individually wrapped tea sachets from DavidsTea and created these little labels to wrap around them that say “Love and Tea are warm”. The labels were super easy to make, I didn’t use any fancy program. I just went to and I created an image that had four small labels on it and then printed it out a bunch of times and cut the paper into strips before wrapping it around the bags and taping them in place. I used the Disney font because my sister loves Disney and I thought it wateas a cute touch. I chose a flavour that I knew my sister liked, and then just a random flavour and a classic flavour. I went with Forever Nuts, Buddha’s Blend and David’s Breakfast Blend. There are 12 bags were box and I got them on sale 3 boxes for $25.

Something fun I chose to do was get a mason jar and have people write date night ideas on Popsicle sticks so that Kari and Andrew could have a jar full of fun things to do together. I chose a chalkboard jar so I could write “Date Night” on it and make it an edition cute decor addition to their home.

For a Guest Book I glued one of my sister’s bridal shower invites to a piece of scrap book paper and then put a sticky note on it to leave a space open for a group photo. Then the ladies could sign the paper and we could take a group photo at the end of the party. This was nice and simple and Kari could throw the page into a wedding scrap book. I also did this for her Bachelorette party. The scrapbook was my wedding gift to Kari and Andrew.

I had my mom pick up 4 small picture frames from Michaels. I used these to indicate the spots for the guest book, the Date Night jar and favors.


I also borrowed a Fujifilm Instax Mini Camera and set up a little photobooth. I used a silver table clothe I had and just taped it to the wall for a backdrop. I found the props at the dollar store! After the girls took their photo, they could either take it home or tape it onto a piece of scrapbook paper for Kari to include in her scrap book. I also had the camera at her actual wedding so she walked away with a ton of Polaroids on so many different styles of paper. It turned out really cute!


For games, I planned 3 games for the Bridal Shower and 2 for the Bachelorette. I did the classic “Don’t Say Bride or Wedding” and when you do you use your clothes pin. I did this for the Bachelorette as well but with Mardi Gras beads. I also printed out some games from Pinterest like “Match The Disney Love Songs”.

For Prizes; I ordered some bath bombs from a girl I know and I threw them together with some other prizes in gift bags. I got lucky and DavidsTea had a big 70% off sale so I grabbed some hand lotions and agave sticks for super cheap to throw in with the bath bombs. I also got a box that had three of David’s Top Teas in it. For the Bachelorette prizes I got bath bombs as well and I also picked up a box of “hangover cure” teas from DavidsTea and a bag of strawberry kiwi cocktail sugar; both were on sale and seemed like the perfect thing to have as prizes for a bachelorette.

For the Bachelorette; the Bride and her bridesmaids went golfing and then we hung out at one of the other bridesmaid’s cottages. The next day we had manicure appointments. We kept it a super simple girls night with drinks, games, and spa treatments. I didn’t want to do anything trashy with hot pink and penises cause that’s just not my sister at all and we also wanted to be able to include her step daughter who was serving as a Junior Bridesmaid.

I ordered my sister a Bride To Be sash from an Etsy Store called WeddInkTatts and it came with little metallic temporary tattoos for the Bridesmaids that say Team Bride and one for the Bride.


 And through the whole journey I carried around that Polaroid camera to capture these moments for Kari’s scrapbook! The absolute best advice I could give you for when planning a shower? Make. A. List.


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