Tarte Cosmetics Back To School Tools Brush Set

I recently picked up the limited edition Back To School Tools brush set from Tarte Cosmetics. It includes 6 brushes for $51 which is a pretty great deal! It includes a buffer brush, a foundation brush, a highlight/contour double ended brush, a double ended eye shadow brush, a double ended concealer brush and a double ended eye liner brush.


I love Tarte brushes because they’re so fluffy and soft, they make application a breeze. Although, I have had the head pop off a brush before so Tarte definitely needs some stronger glue. They feel nice in the hand; I get a good grip, good precision and I find the handles are a good length.

I really love the big fluffy buffer brush in this set. It’s so soft but so big so it’s perfect for applying a light layer of powder to set your makeup. I find that sometimes using a smaller, more dense brush to apply a powder foundation over a liquid foundation will cause you to have to look cakey because you’re powder application is so condensed. This brush allows for a much lighter coverage.

I also really love the precision you get from the contour end of the highlight/contour brush. The highlight end is also so soft and fluffy for adding a powder highlight or blush.

The concealer brush is super soft and fluffy which I love for the delicate skin around my eyes. I really love the soft bristols on the eye shadow brush too but what I really like is that on the fluffy blending end, it starts narrow, gets wide and then narrows again which is amazing for getting in your crease and creating a flawless blend.

Overall, these brushes are really great and its such a good value. It is limited edition though so jump on it!


Update: I paid for this brush set with a code given to me because if a palette that I had bought that came unglued. The concealer brush in this set fell apart so I contacted Tarte and they gave me a partial refund. The way I see it, I was given $50 for a palette that costed more than $50, used that $50 to buy a brush set and the brush set also fell apart on me. Slight fail by customer service.

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