Tarte Cosmetics Clay Play Face Shaping Palette

Hello Readers! I recently picked up the oh so beautiful Clay Play Face Shaping Palette from Tarte Cosmetics! This palette includes three contour shades and 9 shadow shades in neutral tones to sculpt your whole face. This palette goes for $64 but during Tarte’s 7 days of sales for their 17th birthday, I picked up this bad boy for $25 CAD.

My palette came with some smudges on the packaging which is ~whatever~. The packaging is super sturdy, definitely one of the palette’s made from better quality materials.


My favourite contour shade in this is the one in the middle, it’s called Desert. However, I have really fair skin and my ideal contour shade would be closer to the eye shadow “Dunes” in this palette which is more grey and ashy. It’s very close to (maybe the same as) Jetsetter from the Tartelette In Bloom eye shadow palette. In this palette it is the one on the top left in the shadows above Desert. I find that these ashy shades create a more cool toned, natural looking shadow. Dunes is definitely my go-to for my crease when doing my eyes.


These powders are super silky and pigmented. They blend so well and they also have that Tarte signature vanilla scent. While this palette is all neutral tones it’s also so versatile and perfect for travel because you have every thing you need to sculpt your face is on pretty palette.


The only bad experience I had with this palette is that I tried to use the darkest contour shade and ended up with it looking super blotchy. It didn’t blend smoothly which I don’t blame on the powder; I had recently run out of primer and I had just applied Clearasil to my face so I was applying the powder to a very dry foundation. This of course ended up a disaster since I had use the darkest shade. So these powders definitely benefit from a nice smooth, well moisturized or well primed base.

Overall, this palette is a really great investment. I particularly feel like this is a great palette for people who aren’t huge makeup enthusiasts because it’s all in one palette and it’s all very basic, not intimidating at all.


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