Tarte Cosmetics Tartelette Vault

With the release of the brand new Tartelette Toasted palette, Tarte cosmetics released a vault of all three Tartelette palettes. The vault costs $130 CAD, which puts each palette at about 28% off regular cost.


The palettes come packaged in a beautiful hard cover purple Tartelette case. The palettes are actually super hard to get out of this case which is annoying.


Unfortunately, I received my vault with Tartelette Toasted smashed, which was obvious as soon as I opened the case. I contacted customer service immediately and they asked me to send them a photo and my order number. The day that I received the package it was also Cyber Monday and they were offering 25% off everything, which is probably why they took their sweet time replying; they didn’t want to have to give me a refund, partial refund or gift certificate code for me to turn around and buy the palette again at another discounted price. I have had to contact the Tarte customer service multiple times because of broken brushes or packaging falling apart and they are usually pretty good, and pretty quick to reply; usually. After a while, they did offer me a replacement, which I accepted. So when I hear back about that I will update this post.

Update: I received confirmation from customer service that I was receiving a replacement, as well as an email confirmation that I was getting the whole vault again. If I had known they were sending all three palettes instead of just one to replace the damaged one, I would have just asked for a refund. What am I going to do with all this eye shadow?! #FirstWorldProblems 


Tartelette Toasted is a mix of shimmer shades and mattes in warm, cozy tones; perfect for fall (or all the time really). It really is a beautiful palette so it’s really unfortunate that one of the more generic, base colours was smashed to the point where I can’t even open the palette without losing powder. I love the shadows included but do not love the packaging. I like the heaviness and sturdiness of the packaging, I love the gold accent…hate the “flames” on the front, I think they could have done a better design. The shadows are a gorgeous, creamy consistency that is super pigmented and beautifully blendable. The shades with the chunkier glitter definitely benefit from a wet brush; wetting your brush a little with a setting spray will just keep the product packed together as you apply so you can really get the most pigment.


The original Tartelette palette is all matte shades in their amazonian clay formula, amazing for creating versatile day to day looks and each row is colour coordinated for perfecting mixing. This comes in the same sturdy component as the Toasted palette but with a simple purple cover and silver accent. The shadows are also the same creamy consistency. They are more cool toned which I really prefer with my skin tone.


The Tartelette In Bloom palette is the second release in the Tartelette line and one I already had. I love this palette, it is my go to for day to day and night time looks because it has beautiful matte shades and a few shimmers to glam it up. Each row is colour coordinated and there is a mixture of cool and warm tones. Jetsetter is my all time favourite colour for a natural looking contoured crease. These have the same creamy shadow formula as the other two palettes and comes in the same gold accented component, which includes a cover of flower petals. The flower petals aren’t really “me” but the shadows are so perfect I can get over that.


Overall, I definitely recommend this line of palettes because of their super creamy and pigmented formula that blends amazingly and makes makeup application a breeze for even beginners. Plus, the component is super sturdy compared to many other palettes on the market and I love Tarte’s signature vanilla scent.


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