How To Use Your Essential Oils | Peppermint

Peppermint essential oil is a MUST HAVE for me.


One of my favourite ways to use peppermint oil is mixing it with a roll on with lavender oil and liquid coconut oil in a roll on and applying it to my neck when I have a headache or to relieve tension in my back.

Another great use for peppermint oil is applying it to your stomach to ease digestion. When I am bloated I loved to drink peppermint tea, and this has the same affect when applied topically.

Peppermint also works well with citrus oils for an awakening, energizing and refreshing blend to either diffuse or apply topically.

Lastly, diffusing peppermint oil alone not only makes my house smell fresh like a candy cane, it also makes it so much easier to breath when I’m feeling stuffy and need some sinus relief.

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