How To Use Your Essential Oils | Lavender

So the most obvious use for lavender oil is your bedtime routine. Lavender is a calming oil which allows you to be lulled into a deep rest. It’s calming affects are also great for anxiety in both people AND animals!


Not only can lavender oil be diffused. It can also be applied topically when mixed with a carrier oil. You can use it with peppermint to relieve tension and headache. Mix it with eucalyptus to make your home smell like a day spa. You can also mix it in a spray bottle with water for a room/linen spray. It also reduces itching and swelling in bug bites. You can also mix it with epsom salts for a relaxing bed time bath.

If you want to use this oil to relieve anxiety in your pets, you can diffuse throughout the day while you’re away or you can make a room/linen spray and spray it in spots your pet likes to lay; it’s bed, your bed, it’s kennel etc.


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