How To Use Your Essential Oils | Eucalyptus

Eucalyptus has the ability to make any home smell like a relaxing spa, but it also has some pretty great health benefits.


Eucalyptus is great for your respiratory health, it also clears the air of allergens, so it’s perfect to diffuse for people with asthma or allergies (seasonal or dust). It’s also antibacterial which will help battle illnesses like cough and cold.

You can diffuse it and inhale to help with cough and cold symptoms but you can also mix it with a carrier oil and some peppermint for a homemade vapo rub. Another great way to enjoy the benefits of eucalyptus and clear sinuses, add a few drops to your shower and allow the steam to work it’s magic. I like to diffuse eucalyptus with spearmint; because not only do I find that it refreshes the air and makes it easier to breath, it leaves my home smelling fresh, clean and spa like instead of like a house full of dogs.



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