DIY | Refurbished Retro Cabinet

I picked up this retro cabinet off  a lady who posted it on Facebook for sale. I paid $20. And it is absolute garbage. It is made of only the cheapest of materials, it is warped in spots, it is wobbly and the paint is chipped. But I took it home and made it my own.


For this cabinet I decided to do it with grey and black. I used American Paint Company chalk paint in the shade Smoke Signal for the grey. I also used American Paint Company chalk paint for the black but I’m not sure what the shade colour is because the woman at the store didn’t have it in a small container so she just poured some into one for me; I think they only offer one shade of black and I think it’s called Cannonball. American Paint Company paints are all natural, zero VOC, eco-friendly, and solvent free paint. They contain no acrylic, no fungicide, no co-polymers. This paint requires essentially no prep, although I would personally sand down whatever you’re painting just a little before you begin.


One tip I have for working with this paint; it’s a little thick so some people may tell you to add water but to avoid watering it down too much, I would recommend just wetting your brush to make this paint easier to spread. You also really want to make sure you get a smooth finish; if you leave any big drops anywhere they will dry in clumps and be very easily chipped. off.


I used their clear top coat to make the paint more durable. This gave it kind of a glossy(ish) finish and made the colour really pop. You could also use their antiquing wax for a top coat which gives it more of a matte finish. The clear top coat I used was very liquidy. It’s also very fast drying so I was able to get 3 coats done pretty quickly.


The knobs I picked out at just black glass knobs I picked up at a locally owned home decor/gift shop.


The cabinet is still cheap, it’s still garbage, it’s still wobbly, I paid more for materials than it is worth, and I may  never get the door open on one side ever again; but at least now it looks cool.


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