Movie Review | Black Panther

Alright so some quick little thoughts on Black Panther cause y’all know I love my Marvel movies.

Black Panther was phenomenal. Not only was the cast incredibly good looking, but they were all around amazing. It was such a smooth dialect; and of course Marvel never disappoints with the comedic relief. It had a really beautiful message about loyalty and family; I know that N’Jadaka/Erik was the villain, but you feel really sad for him. It was visually stunning with incredible effects and remarkable technology. I was really excited about Kendrick Lamar producing the soundtrack for the film but all around I wouldn’t exactly sale the music was overly present. Like yes, when you’d notice the music it was well chosen but in some movies you can really feel the music, it really makes the scenes; it didn’t feel like the music was overly powerful here but that wasn’t bothersome, it didn’t need to be…the movie can stand on it’s own. Maybe I would feel differently if I watched it again. But I think that what I liked most was that this wasn’t really a superhero movie, it was a movie about warriors fighting for their country and for their people. And it was empowering that many of those warriors were women, and that all of those warriors were black. It was an incredibly powerful message to send into the world right now. Overall, it was an incredible installment into the franchise and I can’t wait to see Black Panther again later this year in Infinity War.


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