Tarte Cosmetics | Shape Tape Matte Foundation

Tarte Cosmetics recently released two Shape Tape foundation formulas, matte and a hydrating formula. For whatever reason, each formula offers different shades. I would typically wear fair beige but it’s only offered in the hydrating formula and I have very oily skin so I picked up fair neutral in the matte formula. This foundation sells for $55 CAD on tarte.com.


For the packaging, there are things I like and things I don’t like. I like the wand that it comes with because I think that it allows you to avoid dispensing too much product. It’s just a jumbo version of the Shape Tape concealer wand if you are familiar with that product. I do think that glass bottles cause far too much product waste because a lot of product will sit at the bottom of the bottle; you can’t reach it with the wand and no matter how long you store the bottle upside down it will not help.


I was surprised by the thickness of this foundation, as in it was not as thick as I was expecting. It really gave excellent coverage without being cakey and the finish was just absolutely beautiful; matte, smooth, and totally natural looking. Tarte foundations are always fantastic for colour; very true colour, they don’t oxidize and turn orange over time. I did only minimal touch ups with powder throughout the day and it wasn’t until I was wearing the makeup for 8-9 hours when I noticed a more severe touch up would be required to control my oil. Overall I would absolutely purchase this foundation again.


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