Coffeeology | Bones Coffee Co Taste Testing

I found a coffee company recently via Instagram that really caught my eye. The Bones Coffee Company caught my eye for two reasons; 1. It’s called Bones Coffee Co. and 2. It features skeletons on every beautiful, black bag. The beans are specialty roasted upon ordering. My boyfriend and I are avid coffee drinkers, so I HAD to grab a couple bags.

Now this is an American company so while priced at $19.99 on the site, I did pay more. And it’s $9 flat rate shipping to Canada. They do often offer discounts if you sign up to receive they’re emails and often will send 2oz sample bags when you place an order. They also offer sample kits where you get to choose five 4oz bags, in either whole beans or ground beans, of the coffee you want to try because there is such a huge variety of flavors and some are a little “out there”.

I ordered full sized bags of the French Toast and Dark Roast while getting sample bags in Jamaican Me Crazy, Medium Roast, Espresso, French Vanilla and High Voltage. Included in my order was a free 2oz sample of the Jacked O’ Lantern coffee which is pumpkin spiced. I won’t bother reviewing the Dark Roast or the Medium Roast because these are very normal coffees. They are both very good quality beans, excellent flavors and very smooth finish but there isn’t much more to say about them aside from that.

All of the beans smelled absolutely amazing so I was super excited to start taste testing.


High Voltage

High Voltage is a signature blend with twice the caffeine content of a regular coffee. Very bold but also so smooth.

Jacked O’ Lantern

I am not HUGE on pumpkin spice but if it’s subtle, I do like it. There are pumpkin spiced teas that I like. This coffee was a little TOO flavorful for my liking, but if you’re a fan of pumpkin spice you may absolutely love it. It smelled great, but I didn’t enjoy the flavor. I was not surprised that the flavor would be stronger in a coffee than it is in a tea, and I’ll probably pass the bag onto a friend who enjoys pumpkin spiced products. My boyfriend doesn’t like pumpkin spiced at all so he didn’t even try this one.


Jamaican Me Crazy

This was a flavor that I was really excited to try. The beans smelled absolutely amazing. It is a medium roast coffee with vanilla, caramel and coffee liqueur flavor. Because of the Jacked O’ Lantern I definitely expected the flavors to be a little stronger but these didn’t overpower the actual coffee at all. It smelled stronger than it tasted which is good I guess because it smelled super strong. It had a really smooth finish, zero bitterness and all the flavors blend so well together. Makes a really awesome iced coffee with a little cream. This is definitely one that we’ll be picking up again.


Bones Coffee Co Espresso is a blend of beans from South-Central America and has hints of citrus and cocoa. This bean is offered whole or in an espresso grind, which is a finer grind than a normal coffee. If you use a regular coffee maker they do recommend that you buy the bean whole and grind them yourself. We always grind our own beans but we also have a grinder that gives you the option to do a finer espresso grind. At the point when I tried this coffee, I had been drinking Starbucks Blonde Espresso for a while so I really got the full affect of this espresso. I did a caramel macchiato with this espresso and I was really pleased with the final flavor. It was strong and less sweet compared to the Blonde roast I had gotten used to but it was very smooth and I wouldn’t say it was at all bitter. I didn’t at all notice a citrus or cocoa flavors but I’m guessing these are what gave this strong coffee less edge.


French Toast

This was another one that I was excited to try, especially after receiving the order and smelling the beans. This is a medium roast bean with hints of buttery toast, vanilla, maple and cinnamon. Which sounds INCREDIBLE. The flavors are aren’t too over powering; they blend well together and with the coffee. This coffee makes for an excellent latte. It’s very smooth, there is zero bitterness and I hardly found I had to add any sugar at all.


French Vanilla

A medium roast coffee with creamy vanilla flavor. This bag was more for me than it was for Ty. Vanilla and Caramel are my two ‘go-to’ flavors when it comes to coffee. I found that this had the perfect amount of flavour. I just needed to add a little cream and a little sugar. It was so smooth and the vanilla was just a nice light and warm flavor. This also makes a great latte.

Overall I was really happy with this brand and I am definitely going to be ordering more. With the exception of the pumpkin spice, I found all the flavors to be pretty subtle; the perfect touch, blending well with the actual coffee taste and there was zero bitterness with a smooth finish. I’m not one to drink my coffee black but I probably could with a lot of these flavoured coffees; I added less sugar than I normally do.


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