Movie Review | A Quiet Place

It has been a long time since I saw a horror movie that truly blew me away; and while I initially had a hard time filing A Quiet Place under horror, I was scared so I guess that fits the definition. I was scared for the characters. I was scared to cough in the theatre. It started boring, which made me wonder if it was going to be scary at all. But then it got super exciting, and then it got heartbreaking, and then it was over; it all seemed to happen so quickly.

If this movie doesn’t deserve an Oscar for sound editing, I don’t know what will. Did you see Don’t Breathe? They focused so much on little sounds, like the sound of a heart beating, because the antagonist was blind. A Quiet Place sort of pulled from that same structure. The emphasis on the sounds, because of the lack there of, made it that much more thrilling. And of course, it was about the lengths that a parent would go to to protect their child. Which was the heartbreaking part. The acting was phenomenal, from the entire cast. Emily Blunt was astounding, but I don’t think I have ever seen John Krasinki in a such serious role so seeing him like this was most impressing.

I left this theatre feeling absolutely nauseated, and it wasn’t from the popcorn and milk duds; it was an adrenaline crash. I’m not sure I’ve ever left a movie feeling like that.

The monster was maybe a little too ‘Stranger Things’. I only wish we had been able to see Emily Blunt annihilating them all.

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