Temper + Lace Candles Volume I

Temper + Lace candles are made in High River, Alberta using 100% soy wax,  scented exclusively with essential oils and made with all natural ingredients. No synthetic dyes or fragrances.  These candles are super clean burning and the company prides themselves on being Eco-friendly. Read more about their products on their website.  These candles are available all over Western Canada in stores and can be ordered off their website. All of their retail locations are available on their website. You can really tell that each candle and each product is made and packaged with such love and care.

I picked up 3 of these candles and I wanted to share these scents with you.

The first scent is Pomona which includes lemon, lime, white grapefuit and blood orange. I love citrus scents, they are so uplifting and make my home smell so clean and fresh which is so important when you have as many animals as I do. I don’t find the scent is over powering at all; there is a really nice balance and all scents compliment each other beautifully, filling your whole home with goodness.


Breathe is scented with eucalyptus oil. Eucalyptus is so awesome so when you are congested, it will really open up your airways and let you breathe fresh and easy again. I love this scent so much, it is so refreshing and spa like.


The last scent I have is Coconut + Lime. This one is definitely a sour lime smell. It is nice, but I do wish that you could smell the coconut more. This one smells very strongly when it is unlit but do not let that deter you in any way cause once it is lit in a big space and the scent disperses it is such a nice scent and it really fills your whole home.


These are wood wick candles. If you have never used a wood wick candle it can be strange at first. These were my first wood wick candles. They will not stay lit to begin with, but if you just keep trying it will take and then you’ll be good to go. Further instructions on how to use the wood wick are also available on their website. I just love the crackling sound of the wood wicks and I am so into these candles right now.

Visit their website to find a retailer near you in western Canada or to order online!


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