Houseplants 101: Snake Plants

Sansevieria, also known as snake plants and mother in law’s tongue, is easily one of my all time favourite plants to have around my home for many many reasons.

I just want to note that these snake plants were one plant that I split up into multiple pots so they are smaller but will eventually fill out their pots.

Snake plants have succulent leaves, which means they maintain water a lot longer than other plants. They can be watered less frequently, which makes them very easy to care for. They can tolerant low light situations, but in these circumstances they will grow a lot slower than if they are in a brightly lit room. They do not like direct light, this can burn the leaves. They can with stand a great deal of neglect which makes them perfect for anyone who has a hard time keeping plants alive.

Snake plants are also perfect for in small spaces because they stand straight up and there for take up a lot less room than something that leafy foliage or vines. They come in so many gorgeous variation of foliage colours and add such a beautiful touch of greenery to all types of home decor. You can also get “dwarf” variations which are awesome for smaller pots on counter tops.

If all these reasons aren’t convincing you to bring home a snake plant, they are also among the best plants for purifying your air of toxins and they release excess oxygen at night which helps you sleep better.


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