Movie Review | I Feel Pretty

I don’t care what anyone says, I love Amy Schumer; except for that time she dressed up as a baby on Ellen, that was weird. So when I first saw the trailer for I Feel Pretty, I was so excited to see Amy in something that clearly had such a positive message and an interesting concept.

I Feel Pretty has gotten a lot of criticism from people claiming that they “fat shame”. But I have a hard time considering it fat shaming whenever every negative thought this character ever has about herself is something every single average women in the world has thought.

Besides the fact that this movie was so relatable, I think a lot of people are also missing the fact that Michelle William’s played this beautiful and glamorous character who also had issues with self doubt and had her own confidence boosted by Renee’s reassurance.

I Feel Pretty is relatable on every single level and for every woman, while still being fun. It’s making you think, “I have absolutely thought that about myself, why?” while also laughing your ass off (I could only wish that was literal) . It makes me want to walk around like I think I am the hottest thing in the room; even though I probably won’t.


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