Dear, Tarte Cosmetics – Rant

Hey everybody, today I want to rant a little bit. Over the years I have expressed a lot of love for the Tarte Cosmetics brand. Today, I want to express some strong feelings against them.

Shape Tape, Shape Tape Foundation, Amazonian Clay Foundation, their highlighters, their blushes, all amazing. I have had both successes and failures with their eye shadows; Tartelette palettes, big yes. If the eye shadow has that vanilla smell I know it’s a good one, but I’ve also bought eye shadow palettes from their holiday collections that are dry, pigmentless trash. The Sex Kitten liquid liners and their mascaras have all worked wonderfully me as well. The Color Splash lipstick in Salt Lyfe is my ride or die nude shade. So these are the products I will stand by. I will continue to purchase my foundation, eye shadow, eye liner, mascara, concealer, lipsticks, blushes and highlighters from Tarte; they work for me.

I am so tired of their recent collections and all this “Fla-mingle” shit really triggered me. If you have seen what they released today, you know what I am talking about. They have become a complete joke with cheap looking packaging.

Earlier this week I sent Tarte Cosmetics an angry email after yet another brush fell apart on me. The head fell off one of my Make Believe In Yourself brushes, one of my Back To School set brushes lost all it’s bristols, and just recently the head fell off one of my Nicol Concilio brushes. I told them they should be embarrassed to take people’s money for this garbage.  I have expressed a lot of love for Tarte brushes in the past. They are always super soft, they always leave a beautiful finish and make application so easy; I will never buy another brush set from Tarte Cosmetics. They are GARBAGE. Individual brushes seem to be better, but you also pay more for them. They are mass manufacturing these brush sets and selling them, on average, for $8 a brush; they end up falling apart. I initially received an email back from customer service asking for my order numbers, I haven’t heard back and it’s been a couple days.

Do. Not. Waste. Your. Money. I never will again.

Kat Von D offers a wonderful selection of cruelty free brushes, purchase those instead.

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