Brand Feature | Ativo Skincare

Hey Guys! I’ve recently been introduced to a Canadian skincare line that I really want to share! Ativo Skincare is a female owned company out of British Columbia, it’s run by a mother/daughter duo and the company was actually started by the daughter when she was just 11 years old which I think is absolutely incredible. Ativo Skincare products are natural and cruelty free. When I began to follow them on Instagram I was amazed at how beautiful Tracy’s skin was and I instantly trusted their products. You can visit their website for more about them and see my Coupon Codes page for my referral link.

I will update this post as I try more products from Ativo Skincare.

Dead Sea Mud Mask

dead sea

The Dead Sea Mud Mask is made with mineral rich clay from the waters of Israel. It helps to detoxify your skin while also absorbing excess oil, removing dead skin cells, improving skin texture and clarity. When I first started using this I found it to be super irritating which I am told can happen to some people because it is high in sodium. My skin got very red and blotchy. I purchased this product for $21 and there was still so much product in the jar so I really didn’t want it to go to waste but I was pleasantly surprised to find that after a few uses it was far less irritating. And after a few uses I definitely noticed that my skin tone was improving and I had a nice glow from the exfoliation. I like to dampen my skin a little bit before application, it makes spreading the product so much easier.

Rose Quartz Roller

rose quartz

Made with genuine rose quartz, this roller will help to improve blood circulation in the face, smooth out fine lines and wrinkles and also decrease puffiness. If kept in the fridge, the added coolness will increase it’s ability to help with puffiness. I shopped around for quite a while before I picked this roller up while it was on sale and I am so glad this is the one I ended up getting. It is absolutely gorgeous and I love the rose gold accents.

Magnesium Oil


Magnesium Oil is a very popular product on the market right now. It’s used a magnesium supplement that is absorbed through the skin, to help avoid deficiency. Magnesium Oil can help to relieve headaches, aches and pains, cramps, insomnia, restless leg syndrome and much more. I wanted to try this product for restless leg syndrome. I sprayed this on my legs and within a minute or so I felt a burning which turned to an itching or tingling which is apparently normal, you can reduce the amount you use to avoid this sensation. You have to give the product 20 minutes to absorb into the skin and then you can rinse it off, after it’s rinsed off the itching should subside. I did find some relief but I don’t really feel like I have used the product enough to say without question that it absolutely worked for me, but I will continue to use it and update with any further developments. To hear more about the Magnesium Oil from Ativo Skincare, check out their Instagram and watch their Story Highlights on the product!

Cleansing Facial Foam Wash

This is a lightweight, whipped foaming cleanser. It is thicker and creamier than it looks, it doesn’t have a mousse like texture although that is what you would expect by looking at it. It has super light exfoliation, it’s gentle enough to use every day. It’s unscented, it just smells like any regular unscented soap. I really loved the texture of this cleanser, it felt great on my face. It has a really nice, soft lather and you don’t need a tiny bit of product which is great. It contains aloe vera which is fantastic for any redness.


Black Magic Facial Soap

The Black Magic Facial Soap is a bar of soap for acne prone skin. It has activated charcoal and pink Australian clay, among other ingredients for minimizing oil and fighting acne. It does contain palm oil but I spoke to Tracy about it and they do use certified sustainable palm oil. They actually get their palm oil direct from a farm in Cambodia that supports a chimpanzee rescue which I thought was really cool. Something else I learned about Ativo during that conversation was that they get their Shea butter from a co-op in Ghana that employs women. It is really so amazing to see companies care so much about using sustainable and ethical ingredients. Now for the actual product; you get a really thick and creamy lather and it rinses off super clean. It leaves skin clean and glowing. It also has a really nice smell. I have noticed an improvement in my overall tone and texture since using Ativo products, so I will definitely continue to use them!


Coconut + Oatmeal Milk Bath

My skin gets so, so dry in the winter so I decided to try the Coconut + Oatmeal Milk Bath and it has worked wonders. It was actually designed to gently cleanse your baby’s sensitive skin in place of soap, but it works wonders to soothe and moisturize dry skin. This is for sure going to be a product I repurchase.

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