Temper + Lace | Spring 2019 Collection

Hey, Guys! I am super excited to share the Temper + Lace Spring 2019 collection with you! This spring’s collection consists of three scents; two scented with fine fragrance oils and one scented with essential oils.

If you haven’t read about Temper + Lace on my blog before, these are soy candles with wooden wicks. They are hand poured in Alberta. When Stefania doesn’t use essential oils to scent her candles, she uses only high quality fragrance oils that are paraben and phthalate free so you can rest assured that there is nothing harmful filling the air of your home while you burn these candles.


First Bloom is one of the fragrance oil scents. It is scented with cherry blossoms, pears and sandalwood. This is the lightest of the three but it leaves a really pretty scent throughout your home while burning. The sandalwood comes through the most with soft, fruity undertones. I don’t get much of a floral, cherry blossom scent but I do really love the faint pear blending with the sandalwood.

Walk In the Woods is scented with balsam fir and eucalyptus essential oils. I absolutely love eucalyptus; it is one of my favourite oils to use in my home because it leaves the air smelling so clean. The eucalyptus is more potent with just a hint of that woodsy balsam fir which creates a super fresh scent that is truly reminiscent of a walk in the woods. This would be a more traditionally masculine scent because of the balsam fir but I always get such a beautiful spa like feel with eucalyptus is used. If there were a spa up in a tree, this would be what it smells like.

Luscious is scented with fragrance oils and contains guava, apple, cassis and fig for a very sweet, fruity scent. The scent I get most from this one would be a really sweet green apple. This scent comes off as a bit much for some people right off the bat but disperses so nicely when lit.

Not only can you pick up these three candles in the full size, they are also available in a new 4oz tin. You can get all three scents as a set in the new size.


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