Temper + Lace | Winter 2019

As we settle in for a long and cold winter, women around Canada pull out their sherpa sweaters, their fleece leggings and their messy bun toques in preparation. But the most important part of our winter (semi)hibernation, is good seasonal candles.

Y’all have heard me say it time and time again. No candle on the market will out-do Temper + Lace. Not just because of a great quality candle, but also because of the people behind the business and their vast amount of care and integrity. Each soy candle is hand poured with extra TLC (and not just because Stef loves classic R&B), and even after your purchase they ensure your experience is top notch by offering amazing customer service.

This winter Temper + Lace is offering a fantastic selection of candles to keep your home feeling, and smelling , cozy.

Creme features marshmallow, honey and toasted almond. It smells like warm vanilla and almonds, with a hint of sweet honey. This is a classic scent that everyone will love.

Tobacco is orange, amber and tobacco. When I mention “tobacco” that may throw some people off, but this candle is really fantastic. If you are someone who LOVES amber, this is definitely a must. The more noticeable notes are sweet orange blended with smooth amber, there’s just a slight musky smell for a slightly masculine and super luxurious fragrance.

The soy wax ensures a clean burn and the wood wick softly crackles for added ambiance. For all of their seasonal scents and to check out the rest of their collection visit their website and don’t forget to use the code Kelsey10 to save on your order.

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