Brand Feature | Frank Body

When it comes to skincare, we are always looking for the best big miracle worker. But something that has always been tried, and true…coffee scrub. Coffee scrubs are amazing for scrubbing away all that dead skin and relieving dry spots, but many also claim to do things like minimize cellulite and stretch marks.

A very well known coffee scrub company out of Australia is Frank Body. Frank Body has been around for years, but I just recently tried a couple of their scrubs. I tried the Original Coffee Scrub, the Coconut Coffee Scrub and the Express-O scrub. These scrubs aren’t just great for your body, they can also be used on your face to treat dry skin and break outs. Frank Body products are also cruelty free and vegan friendly.

The Express-O scrub is a whipped formula for a slightly more gentle scrub. They recommend you use this to upkeep your smooth skin between major scrubs. This scrub smells absolutely amazing, and I loved how soft and smooth my skin felt after using it.

The other two scrubs are a loose scrub which can be messy and result in a lot of product waste if you aren’t super careful. But I would still absolutely buy them again, my skin feels great and they smell fantastic. I would say I do prefer the smell of the coconut scrub over the original. Have I noticed a difference in scars, cellulite or stretch marks…I honestly wasn’t expecting to because I’ve had stretch marks since puberty. I would say my skin does look more supple which improves appearance slightly but there isn’t a drastic change. It would probably work better on new scarring.

Overall, I think Frank Body is a great option for coffee scrubs because there are a ton of different formulas for every part of your body, they are reasonably priced, they work great, and shipping is free on orders $50+. I am very excited to try more products from Frank Body. They make some hair products that I hear amazing things about and they make a scrub that leaves your skin with a little sparkle…which even at 28 years old I think would be hella cute in the summer.

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