2020 Home Refresh | Part 2 | Feature Wall

My 2020 Home Refresh has found a whole new purpose – keeping me busy during the COVID-19 Pandemic. While I have been loving the fresh paint, I have found it lacking pizazz; So I decided to do a small feature wall,with a boho herringbone pattern. I chose the smallest wall because it is easily accessible and if I hated it, it would be easy to paint over. Bare with me, it’s a very awkward corner to photograph. I started by taping the wall off every three inches.

I used a thin paintbrush and a protractor out of a geometry set to draw my lines. It was very inconsistent; some lines were so perfect, and some were far less than. But if I let it, that would absolutely drive me nuts. So I decided to embrace that as part of the boho charm. You want your brush to be relatively dense, if the bristles are too flimsy it will be a lot harder to get an even remotely clean line. To create the pattern you want to hold the protractor one way to draw the lines down one column, and then flip it for the next.

For the black lines, I just used left over paint from the black accent wall I did in our dining area. You can see more on that in Part 1 of my home refresh. I messed up quite a bit, and had to paint over the lines with my base colour. As I was going, I honestly wasn’t super crazy about it but when I removed the tape, I liked it a lot better.

If I ever want to paint over this it will require sanding down before painting over. If I were to do it again, I would maybe leave more space between my lines. My next project with be to sand down this small side table and stain it a dark walnut to match the blanket ladder, so part 3 of my refresh will feature some furniture changes!

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