COVID-19 And My Loss Of Faith In Humanity

I really had no intentions of coming on here and ranting about the COVID-19 pandemic. I didn’t feel like I had enough to say to justify a blog post but as time passes, things continue to change, and more issues arise…I feel like I really need to air some grievances.

I keep seeing a lot of people sharing information from unreliable sources. It should be pretty obvious if a source is legitimate, credible, and reliable or not. But apparently not everyone has the ability to differentiate. If a post is just a screen shot of someone’s Facebook post that literally anyone could have typed up… it’s not a credible source. And there is so much danger in these posts spreading. The spread of information from unreliable sources results in the possibility of the spread of incorrect information, which in turn creates misinformed people. And misinformed people are dangerous. It can create unnecessary panic, it can create a false sense of security, and worst of all it can create people who don’t know how to properly protect themselves.

I remember when this pandemic first started and people were sharing a Facebook post that said drinking water can kill the virus. It was a Facebook post created with the Facebook feature that allows you to put a colorful background on your status update. Can you believe people actually shared that?

On the topic of wearing masks. A non-medical grade face mask may not keep you from becoming infected with the virus, but it can stop you from spreading the virus with your droplets if you are a carrier but aren’t showing symptoms. I’ll repeat that, because I know a lot of people who can’t seem to absorb this information:

You can spread the virus if you are not showing symptoms.

This is why social distancing is so important. Keeping that 6 foot distance from people outside of your household allows enough space to reduce the risk of you spreading the virus. Not just through a cough or sneeze but simply through speaking to someone.

There are a lot of people out there who think that masks are pointless, they aren’t going to help anyone etc. Those people seem to be some of the most outspoken, and also some of the most misinformed.

“Why are you wearing a mask when you’re in your car alone?” The answer is, when you touch your mask it becomes contaminated. So in order to be using a mask properly you have to leave it on until you’re at home and can remove it safely.

They question why the government is just now recommending that we wear masks. They are recommending that we wear masks when we are in situations where social distancing is more difficult. Which is more likely to happen now that more businesses are reopening.

If you feel the need to call people stupid, or scared sheep, because they wear a mask, because they are taking every possible precaution to protect themselves, their families, their community; you’re a dick. How are they hurting you by wearing a mask?

Don’t be a dick. People are dying.

Thousands of Canadians, hundreds of thousands of people worldwide, have died in such a short period of time. If those people had died in any other way; an explosion, a shooting, murder, a plane crash…wouldn’t you care? Why is this any less tragic? Why should we just let our vulnerable population die? They are people who are loved and they deserve to survive this just as much as anyone else. And if you actually think it’s only the sick and the elderly dying of this, you’re wrong.

Don’t tell people they are stupid or paranoid because they are taking these simple precautions to stop themselves from spreading the virus. Even if you disagree with someone, even if you don’t care about getting sick, other people do and you still need to respect them. Respect their right to a 6 foot personal bubble. I know that if I found out I had given someone the virus and they died, I would feel fucking horrible. Wouldn’t you? Would you take this pandemic seriously if it were your love one who died?

Your actions affect other people. Just don’t be a dick. Why is that so hard?

I see people who don’t trust the government because they keep changing what advice they give us. This is a new virus and they are learning new things about it every day, so yeah their advice might change a little…but if you don’t mind I’m still going to take my medical advice from a doctor and not from some asshole on Facebook who can’t even formulate a thought using proper English.

I’m not taking precautions because I’m scared to get sick, I’m not scared to get sick because I’m taking the proper precautions.

Overall, this pandemic has really made me lose faith in humanity.

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