2020 Home Refresh | Part 3 | Backyard Flower Bed

My next 2020 home project was an outdoor project. I have been wanting to put a flowerbed in our back yard since we moved into the house six years ago, and since we finally have a fence I could get it done.

It was quite a bit of work to tear this grass out but that was the hard part. Once the grass was out. I laid the stone, which I absolutely did not do properly; I didn’t take any precautions to stop shifting.

Once that was all done it was as easy as planting the flowers! It really doesn’t look like much now, but once it all grows and fills in…it will be so good! It will an ongoing project this summer as I see how the flowers work together as they grow. This spot gets quite a bit of light during the day and since it is up against the fence, I really wanted flowers that will grow tall and be kind of a whimsical cottage style with a ‘Kelsey’ twist. I also I wanted at least one climbing vine.

I got clematis to climb the fence. I put tall flowers in the back; delphinium, monkshood, lupin. Medium height flowers in the middle; irises and some sweet william. Then I put some low to medium height flowers in the front; a columbine, common thrift and a phlox moss. I sprinkled some poppy seeds in the empty spots and will likely grab some other annuals to fill in space for the time being. I will also be on the look out for a really good piece of drift wood this summer because it definitely feels like it’s missing something. The hanging basket on the fence post has black petunias in it, which is a staple flower for me.

I don’t typically like pink flowers, but I instantly fell in love with this common thrift. It gives me major Dr. Seuss vibes. The rest of the flowers are purple, blue, black, dark red.

If you’d like to follow along and watch my garden grow, make sure you are following me on Instagram.

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