Let’s Talk About Cancel Culture

Let’s talk about Cancel Culture. In today’s society, it isn’t a rare occurrence for someone’s mistakes to be exposed. Musicians, Actors, Comedians; if you have a problematic past it will come to light at one point or anything. And when this happens, we have a tendency to grab our pitch forks, light our torches and demand “cancellation”. The problem with Cancel Culture is that we don’t give people a chance to learn from their mistakes and to change. It’s not helpful, because change is what we need to see. We are more committed to exposing people’s mistakes, publicly shaming them and hoping for their cancellation rather opening the lines of communication, starting a conversation and making an effort to teach them (and those who might agree with them) why they’re wrong.

We need to stop grabbing our pitchforks and take the time to reflect on a case by case basis to decide whether or not that person deserves redemption. Stop reacting as though every case is equal. But maybe most importantly, ask ourselves if this is the most effective way to evoke change.

Do they understand why what they did was hurtful? Has that person shown remorse? Have they shown growth? Have they put in an effort to do and be better? To educate themselves on why what they did was problematic? Educate themselves on the effects of their actions? Have they made an honest effort?

Then there are people who will repeat this behaviour, people who choose ignorance or worse, know better and simply don’t care because they are at their core, hateful. People who will not listen when people make an effort to educate them. There are the people who do something absolutely criminal. But here is where cancel culture fails us most, sometimes the people who truly deserve to be “cancelled” end up being President of the United States.

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