Pour Decisions | Red Rooster Pinot Gris

Today’s Pour Decision is the classic Pinot Gris from Red Rooster. Red Rooster is a winery located in the Okanagan Valley.

From their website: “Clear and bright with a fresh, clean aroma of peach, melon, pear, yellow apple and marzipan. This rooster shows a slightly rich, round fleshy profile with peach, melon and a hint of spice on the palate. Then refreshing notes of orange, tangerine, lemon drop and yellow plum ‘take flight’ on the finish.”

I definitely tasted the notes of melon in this pinot gris, which is not a flavour I don’t think has ever really jumped out at me in a wine before. It’s also very citrusy and fresh. It’s aromatic and very flavourful. This is absolutely one I would reach for again.

This Pinot Gris from Red Rooster has an alcohol content of 13.5%

Pour Decisions | Bask Pinot Noir

I recently tried something totally new on the market – I’m talking just launched this summer, basically no online presence kind of new!

I am not typically a red wine drinker. I will occasionally enjoy a Pinot Noir, Merlot or Red Blend, but it’s not really what I reach for most often. I reeeally enjoyed this pinot! I definitely drank it a little slower than I would drink a white, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. It is a Canadian wine. It’s super smooth and flavourful; definitely taste those black cherry notes. Plus, this wine has also zero grams of sugar per serving!

Bask Pinot Noir has an alcohol content of 13.5% and sells for a whopping $12.

Pour Decisions | Ruby Blue’s Winery Pinot Gris

I recently tried the Pinot Gris from Ruby Blue’s Winery and I can not recommend this wine enough! Ruby Blue’s Winery Penticton. Ruby Blues opened as Ruby Tuesday Winery in 2008 and became popular with visitors to the Naramata Bench. They changed the name to Ruby Blues Winery two years later.

The Pinot Gris features flavours of passion fruit, citrus and soft pears and apples. It is really nicely balanced, neither sweet nor dry and it’s just lightly crisp. This has definitely become a favourite of mine and is a frequent purchase.

Pour Decisions | Longshot Rose

Hello friends! A new series on the blog – Pour Decisions. Follow along as I try all kinds of new wines and share some of my staple favs.

I recently tried the rose from Longshot. Longshot is a winery out of California and they describe their rose as dry and crisp with fruity flavours and floral notes. I did not find it to be quite as dry as I was expecting. It is crisp, and very flavourful. It’s also a little buttery.

This rose has an alcohol content of 13.5% and I paid just over $16 dollars for the bottle, so super affordable for a great tasting wine.

I would definitely drink this one again!

Brand Feature | Glass House Goods

Sometimes we forget just how badass we really are, so it never hurts to have a little reminder. That’s what Glasshouse Goods is for. Glass House Goods offers up a selection of jewelry stamped with the reminder you need; whether you’re Fresh Outta Fucks, A Boss Babe, or you sometimes forget to Let That Shit Go.

I was first introduced to Glass House Goods when my friend gifted me one of their bangles for Christmas, and I knew instantly that this was a brand that wholeheartedly aligns with my personal brand and beliefs in the power of women.

Glass House Goods is a Canadian, Female owned business that was born out of a desire to connect with strong women, and to remind women of that strength in a stylish way. Visit their website for a list of retailers across Canada or to order online.

Use the code Kelsey5 to save $5 on your order.

Brand Feature | Brunette the Label

Today’s Brand Feature Highlights probably one of the most well known independently, female owned Canadian brands. That might be an overstatement but when I look at my social circle, at my social media pages, I feel like it’s true. Brunette the Label is vastly known across the country. Brunette the Label is a female owned clothing brand out of Vancouver. They market a variety of stylish, cozy clothing lines. Their sweaters feature a collection of sassy, quirky, fun and relatable sayings. And with each and every item sold, they are also selling the Babes Supporting Babes mentality. Spreading the belief that we are all Babes. This is a mantra I can get behind. But they don’t just sell a shirt that says We Are All Babes and leave it at that. They are also intentional with their time, their collaborations, their reps, their dollars. They work with a diverse group of Influencers and they donate proceeds to organizations like Black Lives Matter and One Girl Can. And while these are absolutely great things, the one thing I will say is that I would LOVE to see more plus sized models included in their campaigns.

I own a small collection of products from Brunette the label that includes multiple wine and coffee themed sweaters, dresses, a jacket and a ball cap. I love every piece I own. I stand behind this brand, so check them out!

Brand Feature | Autumn Jade Studio

If you follow me on Instagram, you’ll be familiar with a brand that I have worked with for quite some time now. Autumn Jade Studio is a female owned business in the Peace Country, offering genuine crystal and sterling silver jewelry. She’s also recently begun working with gold! I have worked with, and been friends with, Siobhan for quite some time. I know how much care she puts into each unique piece, and I know that she sells nothing but genuine crystals (and if it’s not, she’ll tell you). I have seen a lot of jewelry makers out there who are uninformed about their own pieces (don’t even know what type of metal they are using) or will sell their customers fake gems (sometimes out of ignorance and sometimes completely knowingly), this will never be a problem with Siobhan. I have a vast collection of pieces from Siobhan, both pre-made and custom pieces. Whether you’re looking for something vintage inspired, boho, dainty or edgy, Siobhan can create a piece you’ll love.

She offers a variety of bracelets; gem stone, diffuser (lava stone and wood bead), dainty chains and the odd cuff.

Her rings are so stunning. I own a pretty big collection from dainty stackers to statement gems. I was never huge on wearing rings, but now I wear one on almost every finger daily.

And she also offers necklaces; the crystal spheres are my favorite design. And I have a few pairs of earrings, both dangling and stud designs.

I can’t recommend Siobhan enough if you are looking for unique, handmade jewelry. Visit her website for more from Autumn Jade Studio.

Use the code Kelsey15 for 15% off your purchase until August 31, 2020.

Brand Feature | Bolt Beauty

I am incredibly lucky to surround myself with strong, bold, ambitious women. Today’s Brand Feature highlights Bolt Beauty. Bolt Beauty is owned and operated out of Calgary by my dear friend, Jane. Jane and I met when she joined the news team at my office. And while our time as co-workers was brief, I am thankful for the friendship that came from it. And also, Oh my god. Look at her! Stunning Goddess Best Friend.

“Bolt Beauty” represents the ability to get glam in a flash and the business was born from the belief that we should all have the chance to feel fierce and luxurious, without breaking the bank. Jane wants her brand to be inclusive and affordable, a way to give anyone and everyone access to products that will allow them to play with their look. Bolt Beauty currently offers cruelty free false lashes and coloured contact lenses. In the future, she hopes to expand to a variety of beauty products and also have an online store with global shipping. For now you can place orders through Instagram DM and she can do pick up or delivery in the Calgary area; but I am sure she would ship within Alberta if you asked nicely and were able to cover the costs.

I don’t frequently wear false lashes, for me it’s more of a special occasion thing. Since it’s not something I do all the time and I’m not accustom to wearing them I prefer to get lashes that offer more length than volume (I find false lashes added to my natural lashes is more than enough volume) so I picked up the Rain set. My order also came with a lash applicator, which is definitely something I’m going to need to practice using.

The lashes are incredibly pretty but the biggest thing I noticed while wearing these lashes was really how light and comfortable they were, which is obviously huge for someone who isn’t a habitual wearer of false lashes.

Support this little business and help them grow! To contact Bolt Beauty, visit them on Instagram.

Let’s Talk About Cancel Culture

Let’s talk about Cancel Culture. In today’s society, it isn’t a rare occurrence for someone’s mistakes to be exposed. Musicians, Actors, Comedians; if you have a problematic past it will come to light at one point or anything. And when this happens, we have a tendency to grab our pitch forks, light our torches and demand “cancellation”. The problem with Cancel Culture is that we don’t give people a chance to learn from their mistakes and to change. It’s not helpful, because change is what we need to see. We are more committed to exposing people’s mistakes, publicly shaming them and hoping for their cancellation rather opening the lines of communication, starting a conversation and making an effort to teach them (and those who might agree with them) why they’re wrong.

We need to stop grabbing our pitchforks and take the time to reflect on a case by case basis to decide whether or not that person deserves redemption. Stop reacting as though every case is equal. But maybe most importantly, ask ourselves if this is the most effective way to evoke change.

Do they understand why what they did was hurtful? Has that person shown remorse? Have they shown growth? Have they put in an effort to do and be better? To educate themselves on why what they did was problematic? Educate themselves on the effects of their actions? Have they made an honest effort?

Then there are people who will repeat this behaviour, people who choose ignorance or worse, know better and simply don’t care because they are at their core, hateful. People who will not listen when people make an effort to educate them. There are the people who do something absolutely criminal. But here is where cancel culture fails us most, sometimes the people who truly deserve to be “cancelled” end up being President of the United States.

A Less ‘Agreeable’ Me

I recently came across a post on Instagram that really spoke to me. When I read it, I reflected on the first few years that I lived in Alberta. For those years, I didn’t really have many friends, I didn’t know many people. So I spent all my time and did everything with my one friend. And even as I made other friends and we grew apart, something in me felt obligated to maintain the friendship no matter how emotionally draining it was.

It wasn’t until that friendship came to an end that I realized how much of me I was holding in in order to make myself more “agreeable” to her. To avoid conflict, drama, confrontation, criticism. She was a very judgemental and critical person. She was pretentious, condescending. She was always right and everyone else was stupid in comparison. So whether it was topics like feminism, environmentalism, politics, racism or religion, I never truly felt like I could speak up. My opinion, my knowledge, my words weren’t as valuable as hers. When she was being rude, offensive, when she was wrong…I felt like I couldn’t speak up. I even found myself mirroring her sentiments, her opinions and just saying what I knew she wanted to hear to avoid an argument. It was exhausting. And when I think back on the version of myself who shrunk myself down to maintain that friendship I can’t believe that was me.

I am no longer concerned with being “agreeable” to anyone. The things that mean the very most to me to my core, the things that make me who I am, I will no longer keep those opinions in whether it costs me a friend or not.

And you shouldn’t either.