Shop Canadian This Christmas

2020 has been a tough year for a lot of Canadians, and many small businesses really took a hit. So I’ve compiled a list of some of my favourite Canadian brands for you to check out this Christmas.

Wild Rose Designs:  Makes SUPER cute toques/headbands and such to keep you warm during these cold, Northern Alberta winters. Find her on Etsy to place your order.

Autumn Jade Studio: This is a LOCAL jewelry brand owned and operated by one of my best friends. She makes gold and sterling silver jewelry and she also works with crystals/gemstones. She also has a home line that includes candles and wool dryer balls. Check out her website and find her across social media.

Ativo Skincare: Organic, all natural skincare made in British Columbia. Their makeup brush cleanser is incredible and makes a great stocking stuffer. Shop their website.

Temper + Lace: This is a candle company owned by another one of my close friends. Temper + Lace offers soy candles scented with either essential oils, or paraben and phthalate free fragrance oils. She also sells essential oil blends and apparel. Temper + Lace candles are hand poured in High River, Alberta.  Check out her website.

Eatable Inc.:  Eatable Inc is a company out of Ontario that makes DELICIOUS alcohol infused candy coated popcorn. The champagne infused white chocolate is my favourite flavour but their whiskey infused caramel is also amaaaaazzzing. Makes an amazing stocking stuffer. Save $5 on your order with the code KelseyProblemz Check out their website.

Zen Lion Design: Zen Lion is an apparel brand out of the Edmonton area. It’s a Black, Female owned business. Sherrell is a mom of 3 girls and she runs her apparel brand out of her home. Shop her website and save 10% with the code kelseycsomerville

Femme Faire: Femme Faire is a female owned business out of Ontario that makes insanely cute and ethical hair accesories. I have a few of their headbands and looooove them. What I love even more is that they employ immigrants and refugees and allow them to work while still caring for their families. Check out their website.

Anupaya: Anupaya is a brand out of the Ottawa Valley (where I’m from). They make blankets, home decor, candles, hats and other stylish merch that is not just stylish but sustainable. They use recycled materials and they pick up 1 lb of waste for every item they sell. Shop their website.

Supercrush: A female owned brand out of BC that makes scrunchies and other hair accessories. Amazing quality scrunchies. I also have some of their face masks and they are great! Check out their website.

Brunette The Label:Brunette is a female owned apparel brand that offers cute, stylish + fun fashion while also spreading the Babes Supporting Babes mentality. Shop their website.

Glass House Goods: Another female owned jewelry brand out of Ontario. They make simple pieces designed to remind women that they are badass. Check out their website and use the code Kelsey5 for $5 off your order.

High Horse Coffee: An Edmonton Coffee Bean company. Their beans are sold at Freson Brothers locations across Alberta. Their espresso is one of my go-tos.

Wapiti Bean Co: Coffee Beans roasted in GP. You can order from their website.

New Moon Tea Co.: If you’re bestie is a tea lover, check out New Moon Tea Co. You can order from their website.

Road 102 Designs: A company out of Grande Prairie. Randy makes concrete + bone decor. Find her on Social Media. She also has an Etsy shop.

Cinder and Sage: This is a store located in Calgary and she sells a ton of stuff from other brands but she also sells jewelry, hair accessories, and a bunch of stuff she makes herself. She makes really cute hair accessories like hair combs. Visit her website to shop.

The Local Space: This is a store in BC that sells a ton of Canadian owned brands. You can shop online and they do ship! Check out their website.

Peace By Chocolate: This is an award winning chocolate brand out of Nova Scotia that was founded by Syrian refugees. Their story is incredible. Check out their website.

Happy Shopping! Thanks for supporting Canadian this holiday season.

Brand Feature | Zen Lion Design

Zen Lion Design is an amazing apparel brand out of the Edmonton area that I stumbled upon on Instagram. It is a Black, female owned brand that offers a variety of designs + custom pieces. Each piece is hand-pressed and if you follow them on Instagram you can see how much care goes into each and every piece. Zen Lion Design aims to not only offer you cute and stylish ways to express yourself, but to also use their apparel to raise awareness for and to help you to use your voice to fight against social and racial injustices in our society.

My followers/readers know how important it is to me to support small, female owned businesses so I am really excited to be a brand representative for Zen Lion Design and to be able to give you 10% off your purchase with the code KelseyCSomerville until December 31, 2020. It is an absolute pleasure to help this brand grow.

Pour Decisions | Circus Malbec

Today’s Pour Decision is for you red wine lovers.

I am not an avid red wine drinker and at first I wasn’t super crazy about this one but by day three it caught me by surprise and we soon became lovers. The first thing I noticed was that it smelled absolutely amazing. It’s bold, intense, and flavourful, very smooth.

I may just become a red wine drinker after all.

Pour Decisions | The Vibrant Vine Woops?

Hey, friends! Another wine recommendation for you from The Vibrant Vine Winery.

The Vibrant Vine is a BC winery, located in Kelowna. The Woops? white wine is a 7 varietal white blend.

From their website: An immensely popular wine with intense tropical aromas, spicy floral notes, stone fruit and citrus zest. Look for concentrated flavours of ripe apricot, nectarine and green apple on the palate.

In my opinion: Definitely taste the spice, there’s a little burn but I also found it pretty smooth. It’s aromatic and flavourful, citrusy. Not too sweet because the spice really balances it out. I enjoyed this one, would definitely drink again.

Thanks for checking out my amateur wine reviews.

Pour Decisions | Red Rooster Pinot Gris

Today’s Pour Decision is the classic Pinot Gris from Red Rooster. Red Rooster is a winery located in the Okanagan Valley.

From their website: “Clear and bright with a fresh, clean aroma of peach, melon, pear, yellow apple and marzipan. This rooster shows a slightly rich, round fleshy profile with peach, melon and a hint of spice on the palate. Then refreshing notes of orange, tangerine, lemon drop and yellow plum ‘take flight’ on the finish.”

I definitely tasted the notes of melon in this pinot gris, which is not a flavour I don’t think has ever really jumped out at me in a wine before. It’s also very citrusy and fresh. It’s aromatic and very flavourful. This is absolutely one I would reach for again.

This Pinot Gris from Red Rooster has an alcohol content of 13.5%

Pour Decisions | Bask Pinot Noir

I recently tried something totally new on the market – I’m talking just launched this summer, basically no online presence kind of new!

I am not typically a red wine drinker. I will occasionally enjoy a Pinot Noir, Merlot or Red Blend, but it’s not really what I reach for most often. I reeeally enjoyed this pinot! I definitely drank it a little slower than I would drink a white, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. It is a Canadian wine. It’s super smooth and flavourful; definitely taste those black cherry notes. Plus, this wine has also zero grams of sugar per serving!

Bask Pinot Noir has an alcohol content of 13.5% and sells for a whopping $12.

Pour Decisions | Ruby Blue’s Winery Pinot Gris

I recently tried the Pinot Gris from Ruby Blue’s Winery and I can not recommend this wine enough! Ruby Blue’s Winery Penticton. Ruby Blues opened as Ruby Tuesday Winery in 2008 and became popular with visitors to the Naramata Bench. They changed the name to Ruby Blues Winery two years later.

The Pinot Gris features flavours of passion fruit, citrus and soft pears and apples. It is really nicely balanced, neither sweet nor dry and it’s just lightly crisp. This has definitely become a favourite of mine and is a frequent purchase.

Pour Decisions | Longshot Rose

Hello friends! A new series on the blog – Pour Decisions. Follow along as I try all kinds of new wines and share some of my staple favs.

I recently tried the rose from Longshot. Longshot is a winery out of California and they describe their rose as dry and crisp with fruity flavours and floral notes. I did not find it to be quite as dry as I was expecting. It is crisp, and very flavourful. It’s also a little buttery.

This rose has an alcohol content of 13.5% and I paid just over $16 dollars for the bottle, so super affordable for a great tasting wine.

I would definitely drink this one again!

Brand Feature | Glass House Goods

Sometimes we forget just how badass we really are, so it never hurts to have a little reminder. That’s what Glasshouse Goods is for. Glass House Goods offers up a selection of jewelry stamped with the reminder you need; whether you’re Fresh Outta Fucks, A Boss Babe, or you sometimes forget to Let That Shit Go.

I was first introduced to Glass House Goods when my friend gifted me one of their bangles for Christmas, and I knew instantly that this was a brand that wholeheartedly aligns with my personal brand and beliefs in the power of women.

Glass House Goods is a Canadian, Female owned business that was born out of a desire to connect with strong women, and to remind women of that strength in a stylish way. Visit their website for a list of retailers across Canada or to order online.

Use the code Kelsey5 to save $5 on your order.

Brand Feature | Brunette the Label

Today’s Brand Feature Highlights probably one of the most well known independently, female owned Canadian brands. That might be an overstatement but when I look at my social circle, at my social media pages, I feel like it’s true. Brunette the Label is vastly known across the country. Brunette the Label is a female owned clothing brand out of Vancouver. They market a variety of stylish, cozy clothing lines. Their sweaters feature a collection of sassy, quirky, fun and relatable sayings. And with each and every item sold, they are also selling the Babes Supporting Babes mentality. Spreading the belief that we are all Babes. This is a mantra I can get behind. But they don’t just sell a shirt that says We Are All Babes and leave it at that. They are also intentional with their time, their collaborations, their reps, their dollars. They work with a diverse group of Influencers and they donate proceeds to organizations like Black Lives Matter and One Girl Can. And while these are absolutely great things, the one thing I will say is that I would LOVE to see more plus sized models included in their campaigns.

I own a small collection of products from Brunette the label that includes multiple wine and coffee themed sweaters, dresses, a jacket and a ball cap. I love every piece I own. I stand behind this brand, so check them out!