Brand Feature | Frank Body

When it comes to skincare, we are always looking for the best big miracle worker. But something that has always been tried, and true…coffee scrub. Coffee scrubs are amazing for scrubbing away all that dead skin and relieving dry spots, but many also claim to do things like minimize cellulite and stretch marks.

A very well known coffee scrub company out of Australia is Frank Body. Frank Body has been around for years, but I just recently tried a couple of their scrubs. I tried the Original Coffee Scrub, the Coconut Coffee Scrub and the Express-O scrub. These scrubs aren’t just great for your body, they can also be used on your face to treat dry skin and break outs. Frank Body products are also cruelty free and vegan friendly.

The Express-O scrub is a whipped formula for a slightly more gentle scrub. They recommend you use this to upkeep your smooth skin between major scrubs. This scrub smells absolutely amazing, and I loved how soft and smooth my skin felt after using it.

The other two scrubs are a loose scrub which can be messy and result in a lot of product waste if you aren’t super careful. But I would still absolutely buy them again, my skin feels great and they smell fantastic. I would say I do prefer the smell of the coconut scrub over the original. Have I noticed a difference in scars, cellulite or stretch marks…I honestly wasn’t expecting to because I’ve had stretch marks since puberty. I would say my skin does look more supple which improves appearance slightly but there isn’t a drastic change. It would probably work better on new scarring.

Overall, I think Frank Body is a great option for coffee scrubs because there are a ton of different formulas for every part of your body, they are reasonably priced, they work great, and shipping is free on orders $50+. I am very excited to try more products from Frank Body. They make some hair products that I hear amazing things about and they make a scrub that leaves your skin with a little sparkle…which even at 28 years old I think would be hella cute in the summer.

2020 Home Refresh | Part 1

All my life we lived in beige houses. It was my mom’s neutral of choice, beige and brown. So in 2014 when we bought our house, I knew I wanted to do something completely different. Something cool, unique, and bold. I felt even more strongly about this when I looked at home decor pages online and everyone’s houses looked the same. We went to a local paint store and I showed the owner a picture of my inspiration. We went home with two galleons of Cool Blue from Benjamin Moore. We started painting, and it was a huge shock. It was not the colour I wanted, but we went with it. I wanted bright blue yes, but I wanted something more…muted.

I kept the rest of my decor pretty neutral; lots of grey, black and white. And for the most part the blue really grew on me. It was cool, unique and bold. The vibe went kind of boho with a witchy touch; which worked well for us because my partner’s taste isn’t quite as “dark” as my own. But one problem area was our kitchen. I HATE our kitchen floors, and the orangey brown tones marbled throughout it didn’t vibe well with the blue walls. This was only made worse when we got our backsplash installed. I wanted to bring the grey subway tile right up to the ceiling on one wall but couldn’t because the cupboard door wouldn’t be able to open properly on the one side. I started to brainstorm ways I could minimize the blue in our kitchen, I found wallpaper (black and white) and I wanted to finish the wall I couldn’t tile with the wallpaper.

The idea of painting the entire upstairs of our house made me tired.

But as 2019 passed, I imagined all the things I wanted to do with our house and the decor possibilities a change in wall colour would open for me…I decided it was time.

We had two shades of grey in the house already; Storm and Pewter. Both cool toned greys from Benjamin Moore. I wanted to stay in that colour family so I knew the shades of grey would blend well together, particularly with Pewter since that is the colour in our back entry way and the new colour would directly be blending into that area. I would have liked to have gone for a medium grey but since we have a medium grey backsplash in the kitchen I decided a shade lighter than Pewter would be the new direction. I looked at the little colour card for Pewter (that’s the technical term, isn’t it?) and Silver Half Dollar was the colour a notch down from Pewter, so I searched for similar shades. I went into Modern Paint and Decor in Peace River with my mind set on Silver Half Dollar and Sidewalk Gray, these are the colours I wanted to get samples of. When I got to the store I told Kyle what I was looking for; something lighter than Pewter, in the same colour family, a little less blue. I came home with samples of Silver Half Dollar and Eternity, they fit all of my requirements and Kyle was a huge help in finding shades that wouldn’t bring out the blue in Pewter even more. Silver Half Dollar is directly correlated to the shade Pewter, it’s just one shade down. Eternity is a similar colour but slightly less blue, more purple. It’s honestly amazing how two colours can look so similiar in their cans and be so different on the wall.

Once I got the paint samples on the wall they were so, so different and it became pretty obvious to me which colour I wanted go with. I asked my Instagram followers for their opinion and they were pretty equally divided but Silver Half Dollar came out on top; which I found particularly funny because I wanted to do Eternity…it definitely made me question myself. The reason I chose Eternity is because Silver Half Dollar was just that; silver. It was very light and bright and was also very blue. Eternity still had lots of blue/purple undertones but since it was grey and not silver I found it to be a lot more forgiving. The kitchen and the way the colour looked with our grey backsplash was a big deciding factor, as well as our couch because it is also a shade of grey. I took my time painting, doing it bit by bit because it was so boring. I also decided to do a black accent wall in our dining room. My go-to black has been Twilight Zone from Benjamin Moore.

Going grey would complicate our furniture situation a bit. I had a couple side tables I had painted grey when the walls were blue and those shades of grey would not look good with the new walls. They’d do for a while but I want to replace them with wood. We also have an old broken, blue recliner (the man chair) that I am so, so excited to get rid of. I have a charcoal chair picked out from Wayfair already!

But it wasn’t just the furniture that I wanted to replace with wood, I wanted to incorporate more wood tones in the decor to achieve that mid-century modern/boho feel. I had a friend made me a blanket ladder (Pieceful Patches on Facebook if you are local to the Peace Country) and before I decided to get rid of the blue my instinct would have been to paint it black, but I stained it a dark walnut in preparation for a colour change. You’ll notice some scratches, my cat got to it! It just needs to be sanded and stained again.

I also wanted to get some wood signs, but it is surprisingly hard to find companies that don’t make the rustic/modern farmhouse sort of wood sign. I found a company called Northwood Supply, they are out of Airdrie and you can find them on Etsy.

Now I am going to go off on a little bit of a tangent and tell you about my experience with Northwood Supply. They have on their Etsy page that there is a three week production time, which means it will take three weeks to make your sign after ordering. I read it, I saw it, I knew going into ordering that it was going to be a long wait. Just after the three weeks were up, they shipped my order and a month after ordering the sign I received it. I didn’t think this was a strange fact to share in my review, people want to know about timelines when they order stuff. But after I left my review I got a message from the company explaining their production time, and no matter how many times I told them I understood, they kept trying to explain it to me. Which, quite frankly, I found…condescending? They were talking to me like I was an idiot and it was as if they weren’t paying attention when I told them that I wasn’t complaining about it I was just sharing my timeline with other customers. My sign also had a small hole in the wood frame (which happens with wood, holes/knots, I get that) and I included that fact in my review because if I were to have chosen this sign out of a pile of signs I wouldn’t have picked the one with the hole. I have a tinge of OCD, and there are a lot of other people out there who would be bothered by that hole. So when I shared the fact there was a hole I was just letting people know about the possibility of imperfections. And when they messaged me they kept saying the knots and holes add to the charm and they love them and I’m like yea okay that’s great for you but what about people who maybe don’t want those major imperfections. It was…belittling, I am allowed to be slightly bothered by the hole. Overall, it is a beautiful sign but I found the exchange with the owner very unpleasant.

Back to what is important.

We also have a few instruments laying around the house I would really love to display; an old banjo that belonged to my Grandpa and a ukelele that Ty got me for our first Christmas together. One of the other things I am most excited for about going more neutral is that with the blue I always felt really limited with my seasonal decor. I never wanted to get too colourful with fall or Christmas decor because I felt like it was too much colour with the blue and it just didn’t feel like “me”.

I had been eyeing these two pillow covers for quite a while and when State of Grace was having their closing out sale, it was the perfect time to grab them. I had two black throw pillows and the fabric was a magnet for animal hair, so these covers were a great solution rather than buying new pillows, and the patterns fit in so well with my style.

Overall, I am super happy with how this drastic colour change has refreshed our home and completely changed the vibe. I am so excited for more changes to come.

Brand Feature | Femme Faire

Hey guys! Late last year I stumbled across a brand on Instagram and I really want to share them (now that I have finally ordered some of their products). Femme Faire is a female owned company out of Ontario. They make stylish and modern earrings, bags, jewelry + headbands. Not only do they strive to be sustainable and ethical, they also put a huge emphasis on female empowerment in the work place. It is a solely female run business and they employ many immigrants/refugees, which I love. The more I learn about this brand, like the fact that they donate to women’s shelters, the more I fall in love with them. It’s not even just about the amazing product, it’s the amazing things they do for women.

Today I am sharing the Black Velvet Knotted headband, London Leopard knotted headband (made with fabric from London!), the Vegan Leather Knotted headband and the Black Velvet Braided Headband. I also ordered the studded Black Velvet Knotted headband from their recently released spring collection but I am posting this before I receive it so if you want to see that one, follow me on Instagram!

The Black Velvet Knotted headband is chunkier (bigger frame, bigger knot) than the Vegan Leather and London Leopard, but I actually really love it! I feel like the two velvet ones have a dressier vibe (although any of them could be dressed up or dressed down), particularly the braided one.

Seen below is the London Leopard, Vegan Leather Knotted and Black Velvet knotted.

What I love most about these headbands is that they are the hard framed style instead of a fabric wrap around. I find this style a lot easier to put on, especially with my bangs. If you are in the market for some cute headbands, definitely check out Femme Faire.

Temper + Lace | Loft + Spell

I know you guys are probably tired of hearing about Temper + Lace but I promise I am not going to stop sharing these amazing candles any time soon. Today, I want to share my two favourite scents, yeah I said it. That’s a pretty big statement. It is a big commitment to say “out of all the incredible scents Temper + Lace has ever released, these two are my favourites”.

I know I’ve had a lot of favourites. Noel in the 2019 holiday collection was fantastic, Walk in The Woods from Spring 2019 was incredible, Creme from her signature line is a delicious classic. But Loft + Spell; they are the ones.

The first time she released Spell, I was skeptical. I wasn’t sure what to think when I saw black pepper on the label. Would I LIKE the smell of black pepper? But I honestly don’t know if I can even smell the black pepper. This blend of cardamom, black pepper and whipped cream is a creamy bit of deliciousness with a slight spice. It’s warm and cozy but not sweet.

Loft is a blend of coffee, hazelnut and cream. It’s another warm and cozy scent without being overly sweet. It’s comforting and welcoming. I’m not usually a big fan of the smell of hazelnut but it is not over powering in this. I also don’t find the coffee over powering at all. They are just beautifully blended to compliment the cream.

I also love that neither of these scents can really be labelled as traditionally masculine or feminine. I think either of these scents would make a fantastic gift because I really feel like they are such beautiful scents, anyone would like them.

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My Experience With HelloFresh

Weekly food delivery services are all the rage right now and there is about a half a dozen options out there for Canadians to choose from. For quite a while I had felt like I was in a Food Funk. I was cooking the same dishes over and over again and I felt like I needed to be forced out of my comfort zone, which is why I decided to try one of these delivery services. I read a few articles and decided I would try HelloFresh. So here are my thoughts:

First off, you can get your first box for 50% off so you might as well try it and then cancel your subscription. In fact, use this link to sign up and save $40. I choose the vegetarian plan and in my first box I got butternut squash ravioli with a creamy garlic sauce, Beyond Meat and black bean tacos and Matar paneer curry. These were dishes that were all new to me for different reasons. Butternut Squash ravioli is not something I ever would have thought to make, because I don’t like squash. But this dish was great! It was super creamy and I loved the added texture of the pepitas. Tacos are something I am very familiar with; I love Mexican food. But these tacos were very different from how I normally eat my tacos and I wouldn’t say I enjoyed this dish as much. However, I did learn that I hate cilantro. So far HelloFresh had been serving it’s purpose; I had been forced out of my comfort zone, and learning new dishes I actually like. The final dish, Matar Paneer Curry, was something I was super excited for. Curry is something I had always wanted to experiment with, but had never really known where to start. This curry was really good and really filling, but I wish I had left out the cilantro. Now I know how to make curry!

I know that for some people it’s easy to just go online, find a recipe and then make it. But for me, I knew if I didn’t have these ingredients set out in front of me and I was in a position where I was kind of forced to make it, I would probably just keep buying all my usual groceries. And because the whole point of this was to try something new, I really tried not to stray too much from the recipe. Besides forcing me out of my comfort zone, the big thing I liked about HelloFresh was the fact that it was completely portion controlled. There was enough food in there for two people and there was no risk of overeating. These meals were also surprisingly filling. Overall, I’m really glad that I tried HelloFresh. Is it something I would buy every week? Absolutely not. But we don’t eat out a lot so if there’s a week where a dish option catches my eye, I will absolutely splurge! Also, I fucking hate cilantro.

Again, click here to save $40 on your first box.

Temper + Lace | Valentine’s Day Collection 2020

Mating season will soon be upon us and Temper + Lace is celebrating with the release of their sexy Valentine’s Day scents. This collection consists of four delicious fragrances; Tryst, Leather, Dream and Cake. Today I am sharing two of those scents with you.

When I first saw she had named one of her candles “Cake”, I was expecting a sweet vanilla cupcake. Apparently I am not hip and cake has a whole other meaning…which explains the juicy peach tones in this candle. I love anything that mixes sweet and juicy with woodsy or earthy; Sandalwood being my fav. This scent is right up my alley. Sweet and sexy with a touch of warm and cozy; the epitome of a Valentine’s Day date night in with your s/o.

Dream is pistachio, coconut and amaretto cream. It’s a subtle scent but creamy is the best way to describe it; the amaretto is probably the strongest tones. Dream is a good one if you don’t like your home to be super fragrant. It reminds me of something else that I can’t quite put my finger on.

I can’t say much for the other two scents but Tryst is perfect if you love fruity, tropical scents. I am told that Leather genuinely smells like Leather; it’s raspberry tones make me super curious!

Get your orders in for your Valentine, Galentine or spoil yourself. Save 10% with the code Kelsey 10 and don’t forget to trim your wick before lighting.

Temper + Lace | Winter 2019

As we settle in for a long and cold winter, women around Canada pull out their sherpa sweaters, their fleece leggings and their messy bun toques in preparation. But the most important part of our winter (semi)hibernation, is good seasonal candles.

Y’all have heard me say it time and time again. No candle on the market will out-do Temper + Lace. Not just because of a great quality candle, but also because of the people behind the business and their vast amount of care and integrity. Each soy candle is hand poured with extra TLC (and not just because Stef loves classic R&B), and even after your purchase they ensure your experience is top notch by offering amazing customer service.

This winter Temper + Lace is offering a fantastic selection of candles to keep your home feeling, and smelling , cozy.

Creme features marshmallow, honey and toasted almond. It smells like warm vanilla and almonds, with a hint of sweet honey. This is a classic scent that everyone will love.

Tobacco is orange, amber and tobacco. When I mention “tobacco” that may throw some people off, but this candle is really fantastic. If you are someone who LOVES amber, this is definitely a must. The more noticeable notes are sweet orange blended with smooth amber, there’s just a slight musky smell for a slightly masculine and super luxurious fragrance.

The soy wax ensures a clean burn and the wood wick softly crackles for added ambiance. For all of their seasonal scents and to check out the rest of their collection visit their website and don’t forget to use the code Kelsey10 to save on your order.

Temper + Lace | Holiday 2019

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, Feliz Navidad, Happy Hanukah. Whatever you celebrate, we can all agree that a cozy candle warms the home during the holidays.

Temper + Lace has released a fantastic line of Holiday/Winter candles for 2019.

Fireside features warm woods, vanilla and raspberry. Really warm vanilla with a sweet raspberry undertone.

Nutcracker is plum, currant and sugar. This one is a very sweet and fruity scent so if you prefer something fruity this one is definitely for you. It reminds me of something I can’t quite put my finger on but it’s a deliciously fruity dose of Christmas.

Noel is mulberry, cranberries and spice. If you are familiar with Temper + Lace you might remember a cranberries and spice scent from Christmas 2018. This one is pretty different from last years cranberries + spice. Last year’s scent was very sweet, like a cranberry cider. This one has a lot more of a spicy cinnamon smell.

Sleigh is evergreen and musk. I was a little skeptical of this one because when you see the word “musk” you never really know what that might mean. This candle is actually so, so nice. It is super fresh, a little more masculine. Will leave your home smelling like a Christmas tree farm.

She also has a few winter scents that will be available for you to enjoy all season long.

Creme – marshmallow, honey, toasted almond
Maple Sugar – maple, butter
Toasty – coconut milk, brown sugar, nutmeg
Tobacco – orange, amber, tobacco

Temper + Lace candles are made with soy wax and feature wood wicks. Each candle is either scented with essential oils or paraben and phthalate free fragrance oil for a completely non toxic burn. They have a 70+ hour burn time. Save 10% on your order from Temper + Lace with the code kelsey10.

Don Cherry Steps Down From SportsNet

This is not typically something I would bother to write about. I am not a sports writer, nor a sports buff. But one of the hot topics in Canada right now is Don Cherry being forced to step down from his position on Coach’s Corner because of some xenophobic remarks about how he doesn’t see immigrants wearing poppies.

First off, he could have just generalized this. He absolutely didn’t have to go all, “you people come here…”. He could have just said “I am seeing less people wearing poppies”. That’s the issue, less people wearing poppies. Don’t bring immigration into this. We need to pay respect to ALL veterans, not just the white Canadians. Race has nothing to do with a lack of respect for veterans during Remembrance Day. He also could have just apologized. He could have just said, “I didn’t mean for it to come across as racist, I just want to see more people in our country support our veterans”, and his job would have been saved. But the fact that he REFUSED to stand down, shows intent to be racist/xenophobic. It’s almost 2020, we need to do better; and that includes apologizing when we put our foot in our mouth.

The lack of apology brings me to my next thought. I am seeing a lot of people compare this incident to Justin Trudeau’s “Black Face” Scandal. Now, I am not condoning Justin Trudeau’s actions. He did an awful thing. But this also happened 20 years ago, when people were far more ignorant to the problems behind black face. He has since owned up to his mistake and apologized for it. He has grown. We were absolutely outraged when this happen, don’t act like people weren’t. But there is a difference between a person who made a mistake 20 years ago, a person who will acknowledge their mistake, apologize for it, and strive to be better…and someone who is actively expressing racism in 2019 with no regrets.

I am also seeing a lot of people say things like, “what happened to freedom of speech/expression?”. Don Cherry is absolutely entitled to his opinion. But he works in media and was using his media platform to express these opinions. Which ties back to his employer. It’s one thing to express an opinion on your own private platform but when what you say reflects on your employer, and your opinions may be less than flattering, your employer is going to have a problem with that. As someone who works in media, I get that. If I used my employers platform to spread hate, they’d be pissed. You can say whatever you want when you’re a nobody.

Overall, I wouldn’t say that I am outraged one way or the other. I think that Don Cherry is an 85 year old man who said something ignorant. He could have apologized and we might have been able to move on. I personally think he should have been pulled off air years ago, I found him incredibly difficult to watch.

Let’s just do better, guys. Let’s think about how what we say and do sounds/looks to people of colour. Let’s just care about other people. And let’s wear a poppy to pay respect to veterans.

Update: since publishing this post, Don Cherry has admitted he wishes he had used different language in his statement, but he has stood by what he said and has still not issued an official apology.

I will share a few links to stories in case you don’t know what I’m talking about. I would also like to share a Facebook post from NDP leader, Jagmeet Singh.

When No One Warns You

It’s likely that at least 9/10 girls will tell you that there’s (at least) one guy they’ve dated that they would erase from their past if they could. They probably dated when they were in their late teens/early 20s. They were probably manipulative, emotionally/psychologically abusive, and maybe even physically harmed them one more than one occasion. And they definitely threatened to kill themselves.

For me, that guy is Kyle.

I met Kyle just a few months after I moved to Alberta, I was 20 years old. He was from here and I didn’t have many friends. In fact, I had one friend; and she had just recently started dating someone. So despite the fact that I wasn’t overly interested in Kyle, she encouraged me to give him a chance because she thought he seemed nice and she wanted us to be able to double date. I had no one around to warn me about him.

Thinking back, I know that Kyle was absolutely not smart enough to be manipulative on purpose. Which makes his behavior even scarier.

On our first date Kyle brought his son. He was 2 turning 3 and absolutely adorable. At the time, I just thought he was a single dad who was unable to get a sitter. Now I think it was a strategy; because if you asked me why I stayed around…it was for that kid. If you can’t get a sitter, postpone the date. Remember that if you ever begin dating a single parent.

For the first few weeks that Kyle and I were seeing each other, I was also seeing another guy. We only knew each other for about a month before I tried to end it the first time, and he told me he loved me. Eventually, he wormed his way back in. When his son started to hug me goodnight and tell me he loved me, I ended things with the other guy.

Even then, Kyle and I were only “in a relationship” for about a month before I ended it again. During that time, I went with him to court (for moral support) while he fought with his ex for custody of his son. It was a tough time and he was able to use that to his advantage. He fed me all these stories about how she was crazy and she would hurt their son. I take that with a grain of salt now, I think they were both crazy.

He didn’t go off the deep end right away after we broke up. For a while it was just a text every couple days. Then he started stopping by. There was a couple nights where we were physical. But I quickly put an end to that as well. That was when it got bad.

He Facetimed me one night when he was away for work, when I answered it he was attempting to hang himself. I hung up the phone and called his mother to tell her what he was doing. When she called him he told her I was lying. He started showing up at my house when he was drunk and telling me he was going to go roll his truck down the valley. He would tell me all kinds of things when he was drunk, like how he got in a fight with his dad one night and took it out on his son. He physically abused his son because he was mad at his dad. I needed to get the fuck away from this man, but I also felt like I needed to do something to protect that child. I continued to answer his text messages to keep him from doing something stupid. I had witnessed him have a panic attack/mental break one night before, so I felt like his threats were real. He showed up at my house one day while I was home for lunch, he held me down as I cried. He attempted to rape me; his erectile dysfunction saved my life. That was when I stopped answering his messages.

Just a couple weeks after things ended for good, I met another guy. We went on our first date at a local bar and played some pool. It’s a very small town but it still surprised me when a little bit into my date, Kyle walked through the door. He sat down at a table not far from where we were and hung out with some friends for a bit before he left. I was shocked by the lack of confrontation. A short while later when my date and I left, I saw Kyle sitting in the parking lot. He watched us as we said goodbye. Then he started his car, spun out of the parking lot and took off. A little while later I started getting text messages from his sister about how I was a psycho, a stalker, a slut, and Kyle didn’t want me anymore. Then he started texting me saying I should just kill myself because no one cares about me.

The next day I filed a restraining order.

When I filed the restraining order I had to create a package of evidence; text messages that he and his sister sent me, an affidavit outlining everything he did to make me feel unsafe. When I saw it all out on paper it was shocking that I had let myself be so weak, that wasn’t me.

Every once in a while I see his family around town. I wonder how his son is doing; he would be around 10 now. But I thank the Goddesses above that I have never laid eyes on him again.